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2012A database of annotated promoters of genes associated with common respiratory and related diseasesChowdhary, R.; Tan, S.L.; Pavesi, G.; Jin, G.; Dong, D. ; Mathur, S.K.; Burkart, A.; Narang, V.; Glurich, I.; Raby, B.A.; Weiss, S.T.; Wong, L. ; Liu, J.S.; Bajic, V.B.
1-Jan-2004ANTIMIC: A database of antimicrobial sequencesBrahmachary, M.; Krishnan, S.P.T.; Koh, J.L.Y.; Khan, A.M.; Seah, S.H.; Tan, T.W. ; Brusic, V.; Bajic, V.B.
2009Database for exploration of functional context of genes implicated in ovarian cancerKaur, M.; Radovanovic, A.; Essack, M.; Schaefer, U.; Maqungo, M.; Kibler, T.; Schmeier, S.; Bajic, V.B.; Christoffels, A.; Narasimhan, K. ; Choolani, M. 
Sep-2005Detection and preliminary analysis of motifs in promoters of anaerobically induced genes of different plant speciesMohanty, B.; Krishnan, S.P.T.; Swarup, S. ; Bajic, V.B.
2004Digital signal processing for potential promoter predictionZhang, X.; Kassim, A. ; Bajic, V.B.
2005Dragon Plant Biology Explorer. A text-mining tool for integrating associations between genetic and biochemical entities with genome annotation and biochemical terms listsBajic, V.B.; Veronika, M.; Veladandi, P.S.; Meka, A.; Heng, M.-W.; Rajaraman, K.; Pan, H.; Swarup, S. 
2006Dragon Promoter Mapper (DPM): A Bayesian framework for modelling promoter structuresChowdhary, R.; Tan, S.L.; Ali, R.A.; Boerlage, B.; Wong, L. ; Bajic, V.B.
2010E2F5 status significantly improves malignancy diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancerKothandaraman, N. ; Choolani, M. ; Bajic, V.B.; Brendan, P.N.K.; Keow, P.B. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Huak, C.Y.; Razvi, K.
2004Early detection of epithelial ovarian cancer using a proteomics-based protein-profiling approach combined with a novel selection strategy.Kothandaraman, N.; Bajic, V.B.; Loganath, A. ; Koh, S. ; Ng, J.; Choolani, M. ; Razvi, K.
1-May-2003Enhancement of plant-microbe interactions using a rhizosphere metabolomics-driven approach and its application in the removal of polychlorinated biphenylsNarasimhan, K.; Basheer, C. ; Bajic, V.B.; Swarup, S. 
2003Enhancement of plant-microbe interactions using a rhizosphere metabolomics-driven approach and its application in the removal of polychlorinated biphenylsNarasimhan, K. ; Swarup, S. ; Basheer, C. ; Bajic, V.B.
2006Finding functional promoter motifs by computational methods: A word of cautionChowdhary, R.; Wong, L. ; Bajic, V.B.
2010Genome-wide analysis of regions similar to promoters of histone genesChowdhary, R.; Bajic, V.B.; Dong, D. ; Wong, L. ; Liu, J.S.
Mar-2013Maternal serum protein profile and immune response protein subunits as markers for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21, 18, and 13Narasimhan, K.; Lin, S.L.; Tong, T.; Baig, S.; Ho, S.; Sukumar, P. ; Biswas, A.; Hahn, S.; Bajic, V.B.; Choolani, M.
2005Modeling 5' regions of histone genes using Bayesian networksChowdhary, R.; Ali, R.A. ; Bajic, V.B.
2005Prediction models for DNA transcription termination based on SOM networksBajic, V.B.; Charn, T.H.; Xu, J.X. ; Panda, S.K. ; Krishnan, S.P.T.
1-Jun-2005Promoter modeling: The case study of mammalian histone promotersChowdhary, R.; Ali, R.A. ; Albig, W.; Doenecke, D.; Bajic, V.B.
Mar-2007Promoter profiling and coexpression data analysis identifies 24 novel genes that are coregulated with AMPA receptor genes, GRIAsChong, A.; Zhang, Z.; Choi, K.P. ; Choudhary, V.; Djamgoz, M.B.A.; Zhang, G.; Bajic, V.B.
Dec-2008The promoter signatures in rice LEA genes can be used to build a co-expressing LEA gene networkMeier, S.; Gehring, C.; MacPherson, C.R.; Kaur, M.; Maqungo, M.; Reuben, S. ; Muyanga, S.; Shih, M.-D.; Wei, F.-J.; Wanchana, S.; Mauleon, R.; Radovanovic, A.; Bruskiewich, R.; Tanaka, T.; Mohanty, B.; Itoh, T.; Wing, R.; Gojobori, T.; Sasaki, T.; Swarup, S. ; Hsing, Y.-i.; Bajic, V.B.