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2015A bi-ventricular cardiac atlas built from 1000+ high resolution MR images of healthy subjects and an analysis of shape and motionBai W.; Shi W.; de Marvao A.; Dawes T.J.W.; O'Regan D.P.; Cook S.A. ; Rueckert D.
2018Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and SegmentationOktay O.; Ferrante E.; Kamnitsas K.; Heinrich M.; Bai W.; Caballero J.; Cook S.A. ; De Marvao A.; Dawes T.; O'Regan D.P.; Kainz B.; Glocker B.; Rueckert D.
2016Beyond the AHA 17-segment model: Motion-driven parcellation of the left ventricleBai W.; Peressutti D.; Parisot S.; Oktay O.; Rajchl M.; O�Regan D.; Cook S. ; King A.; Rueckert D.
2017Learning-based heart coverage estimation for short-axis cine cardiac MR imagesTarroni G.; Oktay O.; Bai W.; Schuh A.; Suzuki H.; Passerat-Palmbach J.; Glocker B.; de Marvao A.; O�Regan D.; Cook S. ; Rueckert D.
2016Multi-input cardiac image super-resolution using convolutional neural networksOktay O.; Bai W.; Lee M.; Guerrero R.; Kamnitsas K.; Caballero J.; De Marvao A.; Cook S. ; O’Regan D.; Rueckert D.
2015Prediction of clinical information from cardiac MRI using manifold learningWang H.; Shi W.; Bai W.; de Marvao A.M.S.M.; Dawes T.J.; O�Regan D.P.; Edwards P.; Cook S. ; Rueckert D.
2016Respiratory motion correction for 2D cine cardiac MR images using probabilistic edge mapsOktay O.; Tarroni G.; Bai W.; De Marvao A.; O'Regan D.; Cook S. ; Rueckert D.
2017Stratified Decision Forests for Accurate Anatomical Landmark Localization in Cardiac ImagesOktay O.; Bai W.; Guerrero R.; Rajchl M.; De Marvao A.; O'Regan D.P.; Cook S.A. ; Heinrich M.P.; Glocker B.; Rueckert D.
2018Three-dimensional cardiovascular imaging-genetics: A mass univariate frameworkBiffi C.; De Marvao A.; Attard M.I.; Dawes T.J.W.; Whiffin N.; Bai W.; Shi W.; Francis C.; Meyer H.; Buchan R.; Cook S.A. ; Rueckert D.; O'Regan D.P.