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28-Jun-2011Graphene for controlled and accelerated osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cellsNayak, T.R.; Andersen, H. ; Makam, V.S.; Khaw, C.; Bae, S.; Xu, X. ; Ee, P.-L.R. ; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Pastorin, G. ; Özyilmaz, B. 
22-May-2012Graphene-ferroelectric hybrid structure for flexible transparent electrodesNi, G.-X.; Zheng, Y. ; Bae, S.; Tan, C.Y.; Kahya, O.; Wu, J.; Hong, B.H.; Yao, K.; Özyilmaz, B. 
2009Language ideologies in educational migration: Korean jogi yuhak families in SingaporePark, J.S.-Y. ; Bae, S.
16-Apr-2014Length-dependent thermal conductivity in suspended single-layer grapheneXu, X. ; Pereira, L.F.C.; Wang, Y.; Wu, J.; Zhang, K.; Zhao, X.; Bae, S.; Tinh Bui, C.; Xie, R. ; Thong, J.T.L. ; Hong, B.H.; Loh, K.P. ; Donadio, D.; Li, B. ; Özyilmaz, B.
28-Feb-2012Quasi-periodic nanoripples in graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition and its impact on charge transportNi, G.-X.; Zheng, Y. ; Bae, S.; Kim, H.R.; Pachoud, A.; Kim, Y.S.; Tan, C.-L. ; Im, D.; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Özyilmaz, B. 
Aug-2010Roll-to-roll production of 30-inch graphene films for transparent electrodesBae, S.; Kim, H.; Lee, Y.; Xu, X. ; Park, J.-S.; Zheng, Y. ; Balakrishnan, J.; Lei, T.; Ri Kim, H.; Song, Y.I.; Kim, Y.-J.; Kim, K.S.; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Iijima, S.
8-Jun-2011Toward wafer scale fabrication of graphene based spin valve devicesAVSAR,AHMET ; Yang, T.-Y.; Bae, S.; Balakrishnan, J.; Volmer, F.; Jaiswal, M. ; Yi, Z. ; Ali, S.R.; Guöntherodt, G.; Hong, B.H.; Beschoten, B.; Özyilmaz, B. 
Jan-2011Wafer-scale graphene/ferroelectric hybrid devices for low-voltage electronicsZheng, Y. ; Ni, G.-X.; Bae, S.; Cong, C.-X.; Kahya, O.; Toh, C.-T. ; Kim, H.R.; Im, D.; Yu, T.; Ahn, J.H.; Hong, B.H.; Özyilmaz, B.