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Dec-2013A rare lysosomal enzyme gene SMPD1 variant (p.R591C) associates with Parkinson's diseaseFoo, J.-N.; Liany, H.; Bei, J.-X.; Yu, X.-Q.; Liu, J.; Au, W.-L.; Prakash, K.M.; Tan, L.C.; Tan, E.-K. 
Oct-2013Absence of A673T amyloid-β precursor protein variant in alzheimer's disease and other neurological diseasesTing, S.K.S.; Chong, M.-S.; Kandiah, N.; Hameed, S.; Tan, L.; Au, W.-L.; Prakash, K.M.; Pavanni, R.; Lee, T.-S. ; Foo, J.-N.; Bei, J.-X.; Yu, X.-Q.; Liu, J.-J. ; Zhao, Y.; Lee, W.-L.; Tan, E.-K.
Apr-2013Analysis of EIF4G1 in Parkinson's disease among AsiansZhao, Y.; Ho, P.; Prakash, K.-M.; Foo, J.-N.; Liu, J.-J.; Au, W.-L.; Tan, L.C.; Tan, E.-K.
10-Aug-2010Analysis of GWAS-linked loci in Parkinson disease reaffirms PARK16 as a susceptibility locusTan, E.-K. ; Kwok, H.-K.; Tan, L.C.; Zhao, W.-T.; Prakash, K.M.; Au, W.-L.; Pavanni, R.; Ng, Y.-Y.; Satake, W.; Zhao, Y.; Toda, T.; Liu, J.-J.
Nov-2013Association of HLA locus variant in parkinson's diseaseZhao, Y.; Gopalai, A.A.; Ahmad-Annuar, A.; Teng, E.W.L.; Prakash, K.M.; Tan, L.C.S.; Au, W.-L.; Li, H.-H.; Lim, S.-Y.; Lim, S.K.; Chong, Y.B.; Tan, L.P.; Ibrahim, N.M.; Tan, E.-K. 
1-Mar-2015Clinical evolution of Parkinson's disease and prognostic factors affecting motor progression: 9-year follow-up studyReinoso, G.; Allen, J.C. ; Au, W.-L.; Seah, S.-H.; Tay, K.-Y.; Tan, L.C.S. 
23-Apr-2013Clinical/scientific notesTan, E.-K.; Foo, J.-N.; Tan, L.; Au, W.-L.; Prakash, K.M.; Ng, E.; Kamran Ikram, M.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Liu, J.-J.; Zhao, Y.
2009Determination of the longitudinal validity and minimally important difference of the 8-item Parkinson's disease questionnaire (PDQ-8)Luo, N. ; Tan, L.C.S.; Lau, P.-N.; Au, W.-L.; Zhao, Y.; Li, S.C.
Mar-2008Differential effects of black versus green tea on risk of Parkinson's disease in the Singapore Chinese health studyTan, L.C.; Koh, W.-P. ; Yuan, J.-M.; Wang, R.; Au, W.-L.; Tan, J.H.; Tan, E.-K.; Yu, M.C.
Apr-2014DNAJ mutations are rare in Chinese Parkinson's disease patients and controlsFoo, J.N.; Liany, H.; Tan, L.C.; Au, W.-L.; Prakash, K.-M.; Liu, J.; Tan, E.-K. 
6-Aug-2013Identification of a novel risk variant in the FUS gene in essential tremorWu, Y.-R.; Foo, J.N.; Tan, L.C.S.; Chen, C.-M.; Prakash, K.M.; Chen, Y.-C.; Bei, J.-X.; Au, W.-L.; Chang, C.W.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Liu, J.-J.; Zhao, Y.; Tan, E.-K. 
Oct-2009Lingo1 variant increases risk of familial essential tremorTan, E.-K. ; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Prakash, K.-M.; Li, R.; Lim, H.-Q.; Angeles, D.; Tan, L.-C.; Au, W.-L.; Yih, Y.; Zhao, Y.
May-2010Multiple LRRK2 variants modulate risk of Parkinson disease: A Chinese multicenter studyTan, E.-K. ; Peng, R.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Tan, L.C.; Angeles, D.; Ho, P.; Chen, M.-L.; Lin, C.-H.; Mao, X.-Y.; Chang, X.-L.; Prakash, K.M.; Liu, J.-J.; Au, W.-L.; Le, W.-D.; Jankovic, J.; Burgunder, J.-M.; Zhao, Y.; Wu, R.-M.
2007Validation of PDQ-8 as an independent instrument in English and ChineseTan, L.C.S.; Lau, P.-N.; Au, W.-L.; Luo, N.