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Jan-2014A Bayesian filtering approach to incorporate 2D/3D time-lapse confocal images for tracking angiogenic sprouting cells interacting with the gel matrixOng, L.L.S.; Dauwels, J.; Ang, M.H. ; Asada, H.H.
2011Automated tracking of biological cells in an "in-vitro" environment using active contours and distance measuresRamanathan, K.; Ong, L.-L.S.; Asada, H.H.; Ang Jr., M.H. 
7-Feb-2014Dll4-containing exosomes induce capillary sprout retraction in a 3D microenvironmentSharghi-Namini, S.; Tan, E.; Ong, L.-L.S.; Ge, R. ; Asada, H.H.
1-Mar-2014Macromolecular crowding amplifies adipogenesis of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells by enhancing the pro-adipogenic microenvironmentAng, X.M.; Lee, M.H.C.; Blocki, A.; Chen, C. ; Ong, L.L.S.; Asada, H.H.; Sheppard, A.; Raghunath, M. 
Sep-2012Nascent vessel elongation rate is inversely related to diameter in in vitro angiogenesisWood, L.B.; Ge, R. ; Kamm, R.D.; Asada, H.H.
2011Simultaneous tracking of cell nuclei and conduit parameters from time-lapse confocal microscopy imagesOng, L.-L.; Ang, M.H. ; Asada, H.H.
2011Stochastic tracking of migrating live cells interacting with 3D gel environment using augmented-space particle filtersOng, L.-L.S.; Wood, L.B.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Asada, H.H.
2010Tracking of cell population from time lapse and end point confocal microscopy images with multiple hypothesis kalman smoothing filtersOng, L.-L.S.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Asada, H.H.