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2017A system dynamics approach to understanding the One Health conceptXie T.; Liu W.; Anderson B.D.; Liu X.; Gray G.C. 
2018Evidence for transovarial transmission of tick-borne rickettsiae circulating in Northern MongoliaMoore T.C.; Pulscher L.A.; Caddell L.; von Fricken M.E.; Anderson B.D.; Gonchigoo B.; Gray G.C. 
2014Little evidence of avian or equine influenza virus infection among a cohort of Mongolian adults with animal exposures, 2010-2011Khurelbaatar N.; Krueger W.S.; Heil G.L.; Darmaa B.; Ulziimaa D.; Tserennorov D.; Baterdene A.; Anderson B.D.; Gray G.C. 
2014Little evidence of subclinical avian influenza virus infections among rural villagers in CambodiaGray G.C. ; Krueger W.S.; Chum C.; Putnam S.D.; Wierzba T.F.; Heil G.L.; Anderson B.D.; Yasuda C.Y.; Williams M.; Kasper M.R.; Saphonn V.; Blair P.J.
2018Prevalence of respiratory polyomaviruses among pediatric patients with respiratory symptoms in SingaporeHansen-Estruch C.; Coleman K.K. ; Thoon K.C. ; Low J.G.; Anderson B.D.; Gray G.C. 
2015Serological evidence and risk factors for swine influenza infections among Chinese swine workers in guangdong provinceMa M. ; Anderson B.D.; Wang T.; Chen Y.; Zhang D.; Gray G.C. ; Lu J.
2018Surveillance for respiratory and diarrheal pathogens at the human-pig interface in Sarawak, MalaysiaBorkenhagen L.K.; Mallinson K.A.; Tsao R.W.; Ha S.-J.; Lim W.-H.; Toh T.-H.; Anderson B.D.; Fieldhouse J.K.; Philo S.E.; Chong K.-S.; Lindsley W.G.; Ramirez A.; Lowe J.F.; Coleman K.K. ; Gray G.C.