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Sep-2008Circadian rhythm in cardiac arrest: The Singapore experienceLateef, F.A.; Ong, M.E.H. ; Alfred, T.; Leong, B.S.H.; Ong, V.Y.K.; Tiah, L.; Tham, L.P.; Anantharaman, V.
Aug-2008Comparison of chest compression only and standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in SingaporeOng, M.E.H. ; Ng, F.S.P.; Anushia, P.; Tham, L.P.; Leong, B.S.-H.; Ong, V.Y.K.; Tiah, L.; Lim, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.
Nov-2010Global evolutionary trend of the prevalence of primary glomerulonephritis over the past three decadesWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Chin, Y.M.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Anantharaman, V.; Lee, G.S.L.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Tan, P.H.; Lim, C.H.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, E.; Tan, H.B.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lau, Y.-K.; Wong, K.-S.
Aug-2012National health survey on the prevalence of urinary abnormalities in the population: Then and now (1975 to 2012)Woo, K.T.; Chan, C.M.; Wong, K.S.; Choong, H.L.; Tan, H.K.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Anantharaman, V.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Yap, H.K.; Tan, H.B.; Chin, Y.-M.; Lim, C.H.
Mar-2013Nationwide improvement of door-to-balloon times in patients with acute st-segment elevation myocardial infarction requiring primary percutaneous coronary intervention with out-of-hospital 12-lead ecg recording and transmissionOng, M.E.H. ; Wong, A.S.L.; Seet, C.M.; Teo, S.G.; Lim, B.L.; Ong, P.J.L.; Lai, S.M.; Ong, S.H.; Lee, F.C.Y.; Chan, K.P.; Anantharaman, V.; Chua, T.S.J.; Pek, P.P.; Li, H.
Sep-2010Reducing ambulance response times using geospatial-time analysis of ambulance deploymentOng, M.E.H. ; Chiam, T.F.; Ng, F.S.P.; Sultana, P.; Lim, S.H.; Leong, B.S.-H. ; Ong, V.Y.K. ; Ching Tan, E.C.; Tham, L.P.; Yap, S.; Anantharaman, V.
2002Self perceived work related stress and the relation with salivary IgA and lysozyme among emergency department nursesYang, Y.; Koh, D. ; Ng, V.; Chan, G.; Chia, S.E. ; Lee, C.Y.; Dong, F.; Goh, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.
Dec-2013Stress myocardial perfusion imaging for the evaluation and triage of chest pain in the emergency department: A randomized controlled trialLim, S.H.; Anantharaman, V.; Sundram, F.; Chan, E.S.-Y.; Ang, E.S.; Yo, S.L.; Jacob, E.; Goh, A.; Tan, S.B. ; Chua, T.
Nov-2010The changing pattern of primary glomerulonephritis in Singapore and other countries over the past 3 decadesWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Mooi, C.Y.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Lee, G.S.L.; Anantharaman, V.; Lim, C.-H.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, E.J.C.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Tan, P.H.; Boon, T.H.; Fook-Chong, S.; Wong, K.-S.