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2017A novel benzimidazole derivative, MBIC inhibits tumor growth and promotes apoptosis via activation of ROS-dependent JNK signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinomaDai X.; Wang L. ; Deivasigamni A.; Looi C.Y.; Karthikeyan C.; Trivedi P.; Chinnathambi A.; Alharbi S.A.; Arfuso F.; Dharmarajan A.; Goh B.C. ; Hui K.M. ; Kumar A.P. ; Mustafa M.R.; Sethi G. 
2018NGAL is downregulated in oral squamous cell carcinoma and leads to increased survival, proliferation, migration and chemoresistanceMonisha J.; Roy N.K.; Padmavathi G.; Banik K.; Bordoloi D.; Khwairakpam A.D.; Arfuso F.; Chinnathambi A.; Alahmadi T.A.; Alharbi S.A.; Sethi G. ; Kumar A.P. ; Kunnumakkara A.B.
2016Novel Synthetic Oxazines Target NF-κB in Colon Cancer In Vitro and Inflammatory Bowel Disease In VivoNirvanappa A.C.; Mohan C.D.; Rangappa S.; Ananda H.; Sukhorukov A.Y.; Shanmugam M.K.; Sundaram M.S.; Nayaka S.C.; Girish K.S.; Chinnathambi A.; Zayed M.E.; Alharbi S.A.; Sethi G. ; Basappa; Rangappa K.S.
2017Potential protective effects of ursolic acid against gamma irradiation-induced damage are mediated through the modulation of diverse inflammatory mediatorsWang H. ; Sim M.-K. ; Loke W.K.; Chinnathambi A.; Alharbi S.A.; Tang F.R. ; Sethi G. 
2016Trisubstituted-imidazoles induce apoptosis in human breast cancer cells by targeting the oncogenic PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathwayMohan C.D.; Srinivasa V.; Rangappa S.; Mervin L.; Mohan S.; Paricharak S.; Baday S.; Li F. ; Shanmugam M.K. ; Chinnathambi A.; Zayed M.E.; Alharbi S.A.; Bender A.; Sethi G. ; Basappa; Rangappa K.S.