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Feb-2003A study on critical depth of cuts in micro groovingSon, S.-M.; Lim, H.-S. ; Paik, I.-H.; Ahn, J.-H.
2008Complementary metal oxide silicon integrated circuits incorporating monolithically integrated stretchable wavy interconnectsKim, D.-H.; Choi, W.M.; Ahn, J.-H.; Kim, H.-S.; Song, J.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Lu, C.; Koh, C.G. ; Rogers, J.A.
18-Nov-2013Conductance modulation in topological insulator Bi2Se 3 thin films with ionic liquid gatingSon, J.; Banerjee, K.; Brahlek, M.; Koirala, N.; Lee, S.-K.; Ahn, J.-H.; Oh, S.; Yang, H. 
15-Oct-2012Dynamic spin injection into chemical vapor deposited graphenePatra, A.K.; Singh, S.; Barin, B.; Lee, Y.; Ahn, J.-H.; Del Barco, E.; Mucciolo, E.R.; Özyilmaz, B. 
29-Nov-2013Flexible graphene-PZT ferroelectric nonvolatile memoryLee, W.; Kahya, O.; Toh, C.T. ; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.
28-Jun-2011Graphene for controlled and accelerated osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cellsNayak, T.R.; Andersen, H. ; Makam, V.S.; Khaw, C.; Bae, S.; Xu, X. ; Ee, P.-L.R. ; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Pastorin, G. ; Özyilmaz, B. 
6-Feb-2012Graphene induced tunability of the surface plasmon resonanceNiu, J.; Jun Shin, Y.; Lee, Y.; Ahn, J.-H.; Yang, H. 
23-Apr-2013Graphene-P(VDF-TrFE) multilayer film for flexible applicationsBae, S.-H.; Kahya, O.; Sharma, B.K.; Kwon, J.; Cho, H.J.; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.
9-Sep-2013Graphene/liquid crystal based terahertz phase shiftersWu, Y.; Ruan, X.; Chen, C.-H. ; Shin, Y.J.; Lee, Y.; Niu, J.; Liu, J.; Chen, Y.; Yang, K.-L. ; Zhang, X.; Ahn, J.-H.; Yang, H. 
9-Sep-2013Graphene/liquid crystal based terahertz phase shiftersWu, Y.; Ruan, X.; Chen, C.-H.; Shin, Y.J.; Lee, Y.; Niu, J.; Liu, J.; Chen, Y.; Yang, K.-L.; Zhang, X.; Ahn, J.-H.; Yang, H. 
3-Dec-2013Multiple virtual tunneling of dirac fermions in granular graphenePachoud, A.; Jaiswal, M. ; Wang, Y. ; Hong, B.-H.; Ahn, J.-H.; Loh, K.P. ; Özyilmaz, B.
28-Feb-2012Quasi-periodic nanoripples in graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition and its impact on charge transportNi, G.-X.; Zheng, Y. ; Bae, S.; Kim, H.R.; Pachoud, A.; Kim, Y.S.; Tan, C.-L. ; Im, D.; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Özyilmaz, B. 
Aug-2010Roll-to-roll production of 30-inch graphene films for transparent electrodesBae, S.; Kim, H.; Lee, Y.; Xu, X. ; Park, J.-S.; Zheng, Y. ; Balakrishnan, J.; Lei, T.; Ri Kim, H.; Song, Y.I.; Kim, Y.-J.; Kim, K.S.; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.; Hong, B.H.; Iijima, S.
27-Aug-2012Shifting of surface plasmon resonance due to electromagnetic coupling between graphene and Au nanoparticlesNiu, J.; Shin, Y.J.; Son, J.; Lee, Y.; Ahn, J.-H.; Yang, H. 
19-Feb-2014Tuning optical conductivity of large-scale CVD graphene by strain engineeringNi, G.-X.; Yang, H.-Z.; Ji, W. ; Baeck, S.-J.; Toh, C.-T. ; Ahn, J.-H.; Pereira, V.M. ; Özyilmaz, B. 
12-Mar-2014Ultrathin organic solar cells with graphene doped by ferroelectric polarizationKim, K.; Bae, S.-H.; Toh, C.T. ; Kim, H.; Cho, J.H.; Whang, D.; Lee, T.-W.; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.