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2016Attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help: Factor structure and socio-demographic predictorsPicco, L; Abdin, E; Chong, S.A; Pang, S; Shafie, S; Chua, B.Y; Vaingankar, J.A; Ong, L.P ; Tay, J; Subramaniam, M
2019Clarifying pathways to poor psychological health: The mediating role of psychosocial factors in the relationship between general psychopathology and quality of life impairment in patients diagnosed with schizophreniaLiu, J; Abdin, E; Verma, S ; Sim, K ; Chong, S.A; Subramaniam, M
2016Economic burden of multimorbidity among older adults: Impact on healthcare and societal costsPicco, L; Achilla, E; Abdin, E; Chong, S.A; Vaingankar, J.A; McCrone, P; Chua, H.C ; Heng, D ; Magadi, H; Ng, L.L; Prince, M; Subramaniam, M
2016Hoarding symptoms among psychiatric outpatients: Confirmatory factor analysis and psychometric properties of the Saving Inventory - Revised (SI-R)Lee, S.P; Ong, C; Sagayadevan, V; Ong, R; Abdin, E; Lim, S; Vaingankar, J; Picco, L; Verma, S ; Chong, S.A; Subramaniam, M
2018Psychometric properties and population norms of the positive mental health instrument in a representative multi-ethnic Asian populationVaingankar, J.A; Subramaniam, M ; Tan, L.W.L ; Abdin, E; Lim, W.Y; Wee, H.L ; Chong, S.A; Van Dam, R.M 
2018Resilience and burden in caregivers of older adults: Moderating and mediating effects of perceived social supportOng, H.L; Vaingankar, J.A; Abdin, E; Sambasivam, R; Fauziana, R; Tan, M.-E; Chong, S.A; Goveas, R.R; Chiam, P.C ; Subramaniam, M
2015Retrospective observation of mental disorders during postpartum period: Results from the Singapore mental health studySagayadevan, V; Lee, S.P; Abdin, E; Vaingankar, J; Chen, H ; Chong, S.A; Subramaniam, M
2017The mediational role of physical activity, social contact and stroke on the association between age, education, employment and dementia in an Asian older adult populationAbdin, E; Chong, S.A; Peh, C.X; Vaingankar, J.A; Chua, B.Y; Verma, S ; Jeyagurunathan, A; Shafie, S; Subramaniam, M