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1-Mar-2011Chikungunya virus envelope-specific human monoclonal antibodies with broad neutralization potencyWarter, L.; Lee, C.Y.; Thiagarajan, R.; Grandadam, M.; Lebecque, S.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Bertin-Maghit, S.; Ng, L.F.P.; Abastado, J.-P.; Desprès, P.; Wang, C.-I.; Nardin, A.
Mar-2010Inflammatory tumour microenvironment is associated with superior survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patientsChew, V.; Tow, C.; Teo, M.; Wong, H.L.; Chan, J.; Gehring, A.; Loh, M. ; Bolze, A.; Quek, R.; Lee, V.K.M.; Lee, K.H.; Abastado, J.-P.; Toh, H.C.; Nardin, A.
Sep-2011Mesenchymal transition and dissemination of cancer cells is driven by myeloid-derived suppressor cells infiltrating the primary tumorToh, B.; Wang, X.; Keeble, J.; Sim, W.J.; Khoo, K.; Wong, W.-C.; Kato, M.; Prevost-Blondel, A.; Thiery, J.-P. ; Abastado, J.-P.
2014Negative contrast cerenkov luminescence imaging of blood vessels in a tumor mouse model using [68Ga]gallium chlorideSteinberg, J.D.; Raju, A.; Chandrasekharan, P.; Yang, C.-T.; Khoo, K.; Abastado, J.-P.; Robins, E.G.; Townsend, D.W. 
Jan-2014Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes driving hepatocellular carcinoma in a chronic hepatitis B mouse modelBard-Chapeau, E.A.; Nguyen, A.-T.; Rust, A.G.; Sayadi, A.; Lee, P.; Chua, B.Q.; New, L.-S. ; De Jong, J.; Ward, J.M.; Chin, C.K.Y.; Chew, V.; Toh, H.C.; Abastado, J.-P.; Benoukraf, T. ; Soong, R.; Bard, F.A.; Dupuy, A.J.; Johnson, R.L.; Radda, G.K.; Chan, E.C.Y. ; Wessels, L.F.A.; Adams, D.J.; Jenkins, N.A.; Copeland, N.G.
1-Jun-2010Tumor cells disseminate early, but immunosurveillance limits metastatic outgrowth, in a mouse model of melanomaEyles, J.; Puaux, A.-L.; Wang, X.; Toh, B.; Prakash, C.; Hong, M.; Tan, T.G.; Zheng, L.; Ong, L.C.; Jin, Y.; Kato, M.; Prévost-Blondel, A.; Chow, P. ; Yang, H.; Abastado, J.-P.