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2016A subpopulation of high IL-21-producing CD4+ T cells in Peyer's Patches is induced by the microbiota and regulates germinal centersJones, L; Ho, W.Q; Ying, S ; Ramakrishna, L; Srinivasan, K.G; Yurieva, M; Ng, W.P; Subramaniam, S; Hamadee, N.H; Joseph, S; Dolpady, J; Atarashi, K; Honda, K; Zolezzi, F; Poidinger, M ; Lafaille, J.J ; Curotto De Lafaille, M.A
2015Alternative splicing detection workflow needs a careful combination of sample prep and bioinformatics analysisCarrara, M; Lum, J; Cordero, F; Beccuti, M; Poidinger, M ; Donatelli, S; Calogero, R.A; Zolezzi, F
2018Calcineurin B in CD4+ T Cells prevents autoimmune colitis by negatively regulating the JAK/STAT pathwayMencarelli, A ; Vacca, M ; Khameneh, H.J; Acerbi, E; Tay, A; Zolezzi, F; Poidinger, M ; Mortellaro, A 
2017Functionally diverse human T cells recognize non-microbial antigens presented by MR1Lepore, M; Kalinichenko, A; Calogero, S; Kumar, P; Paleja, B; Schmaler, M; Narang, V; Zolezzi, F; Poidinger, M ; Mori, L; de Libero, G
2015Genome-wide analysis of the genetic regulation of gene expression in human neutrophilsAndiappan, A.K; Melchiotti, R; Poh, T.Y; Nah, M; Puan, K.J; Vigano, E; Haase, D; Yusof, N; San Luis, B; Lum, J; Kumar, D; Foo, S; Zhuang, L; Vasudev, A; Irwanto, A; Lee, B; Nardin, A; Liu, H; Zhang, F; Connolly, J ; Liu, J; Mortellaro, A; Wang, D.Y ; Poidinger, M ; Larbi, A; Zolezzi, F; Rotzschke, O
2017NLRP10 enhances CD4+ T-cell-mediated IFN? response via regulation of dendritic cell-derived IL-12 releaseVacca, M ; Böhme, J; Zambetti, L.P; Khameneh, H.J; Paleja, B.S; Laudisi, F; Ho, A.W.S; Neo, K; Leong, K.W.K; Marzuki, M; Lee, B; Poidinger, M ; Santambrogio, L; Tsenova, L; Zolezzi, F; de Libero, G; Singhal, A; Mortellaro, A 
2016β-glucan exposure on the fungal cell wall tightly correlates with competitive fitness of Candida species in the mouse gastrointestinal tractSem, X; Le, G.T.T; Tan, A.S.M; Tso, G; Yurieva, M; Liao, W.W.P; Lum, J; Srinivasan, K.G; Poidinger, M ; Zolezzi, F; Pavelka, N