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2011A comparison of post-processing techniques for biased random number generatorsKwok, S.-H.; Ee, Y.-L.; Chew, G.; Zheng, K.; Khoo, K.; Tan, C.-H. 
Jun-2011An indium-free transparent resistive switching random access memoryZheng, K.; Sun, X.W.; Zhao, J.L.; Wang, Y.; Yu, H.Y.; Demir, H.V.; Teo, K.L. 
25-May-2014Engineering ultrasmall water-soluble gold and silver nanoclusters for biomedical applicationsLuo, Z.; Zheng, K.; Xie, J. 
1-Oct-2012Resistive switching in a GaO x-NiO x p-n heterojunctionZheng, K.; Zhao, J.L.; Sun, X.W.; Vinh, V.Q.; Leck, K.S.; Zhao, R.; Yeo, Y.G.; Law, L.T.; Teo, K.L. 
20-Dec-2010Self-limited oxidation: A route to form graphene layers from graphite by one-step heatingCong, C.; Yu, T. ; Wang, H.; Zheng, K.; Gao, P.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Q.
2007Structural and optical properties of lead titanate nanowires synthesized by hydrothermal methodHu, Y.; Gu, H.; You, J.; Zheng, K.; Wang, J. 
1-Jan-2005The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database and related tools 2005 updateAlfarano, C.; Andrade, C.E.; Anthony, K.; Bahroos, N.; Bajec, M.; Bantoft, K.; Betel, D.; Bobechko, B.; Boutilier, K.; Burgess, E.; Buzadzija, K.; Cavero, R.; D'Abreo, C.; Donaldson, I.; Dorairajoo, D.; Dumontier, M.J.; Dumontier, M.R.; Earles, V.; Farrall, R.; Feldman, H.; Garderman, E.; Gong, Y.; Gonzaga, R.; Grytsan, V.; Gryz, E.; Gu, V.; Haldorsen, E.; Halupa, A.; Haw, R.; Hrvojic, A.; Hurrell, L.; Isserlin, R.; Jack, F.; Juma, F.; Khan, A.; Kon, T.; Konopinsky, S.; Le, V.; Lee, E.; Ling, S.; Magidin, M.; Moniakis, J.; Montojo, J.; Moore, S.; Muskat, B.; Ng, I.; Paraiso, J.P.; Parker, B.; Pintilie, G.; Pirone, R.; Salama, J.J.; Sgro, S.; Shan, T.; Shu, Y.; Siew, J.; Skinner, D.; Snyder, K.; Stasiuk, R.; Strumpf, D.; Tuekam, B.; Tao, S.; Wang, Z.; White, M.; Willis, R.; Wolting, C.; Wong, S.; Wrong, A.; Xin, C.; Yao, R.; Yates, B.; Zhang, S.; Zheng, K.; Pawson, T.; Ouellette, B.F.F.; Hogue, C.W.V. 
2013The effect of intrinsic defects on resistive switching based on p-n heterojunctionZheng, K.; Sun, X.W.; Teo, K.L. 
Aug-2013The effect of intrinsic defects on resistive switching based on p-n heterojunctionZheng, K.; Sun, X.W.; Teo, K.L. 
Apr-2005The low-temperature synthesis of BiFeO 3-SrBi 2Nb 2O 9 complexes by sol-gel processGu, H.; Zheng, K.; Chen, K.; Cao, W.; Wang, J.