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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Decomposition of Energy-induced Carbon Emissions in the Construction Industry of ChinaLi D.; Lu Y. ; Zhang B.; Cui P.
2014Erythrocyte stiffness during morphological remodeling induced by carbon ion radiationZhang B.; Liu B. ; Zhang H.; Wang J.
2014Integrative Genomics Reveals Novel Molecular Pathways and Gene Networks for Coronary Artery DiseaseM�kinen V.-P.; Civelek M.; Meng Q.; Zhang B.; Zhu J.; Levian C.; Huan T.; Segr� A.V.; Ghosh S. ; Vivar J.; Nikpay M.; Stewart A.F.R.; Nelson C.P.; Willenborg C.; Erdmann J.; Blakenberg S.; O'Donnell C.J.; M�rz W.; Laaksonen R.; Epstein S.E.; Kathiresan S.; Shah S.H.; Hazen S.L.; Reilly M.P.; Lusis A.J.; Samani N.J.; Schunkert H.; Quertermous T.; McPherson R.; Yang X.; Assimes T.L.
2014Joint testing of genotypic and gene-environment interaction identified novel association for BMP4 with non-syndromic CL/P in an asian population using data from an International Cleft ConsortiumChen Q.; Wang H.; Schwender H.; Zhang T.; Hetmanski J.B.; Chou Y.-H.W.; Ye X.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Zhang B.; Jabs E.W.; Parker M.M.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2015Macrophage apoptosis induced by aqueous C60 aggregates changing the mitochondrial membrane potentialZhang B.; Bian W.; Amrita Pal ; He Y.
2018Mechanical performance of methane hydrate-coal mixtureGao X.; Yang T.; Yao K. ; Zhang B.; Wu Q.; Liu C.
2018MSC exosome works through a protein-based mechanism of actionToh W.S. ; Lai R.C.; Zhang B.; Lim S.K. 
2012Rac1+ cells distributed in accordance with CD 133+ cells in glioblastomas and the elevated invasiveness of CD 133+ glioma cells with higher Rac1 activityZhang B.; Sun J.; Yu S.-P.; Chen C.; Liu B. ; Liu Z.-F.; Ren B.-C.; Ming H.-L.; Yang X.-J.
2013Rational Design of a Live Attenuated Dengue Vaccine: 2?-O-Methyltransferase Mutants Are Highly Attenuated and Immunogenic in Mice and MacaquesZüst R.; Dong H.; Li X.-F.; Chang D.C.; Zhang B.; Balakrishnan T.; Toh Y.-X.; Jiang T.; Li S.-H.; Deng Y.-Q.; Ellis B.R.; Ellis E.M.; Poidinger M. ; Zolezzi F.; Qin C.-F.; Shi P.-Y. ; Fink K.
2014The Interface between Methyltransferase and Polymerase of NS5 Is Essential for Flavivirus ReplicationLi X.-D.; Shan C.; Deng C.-L.; Ye H.-Q.; Shi P.-Y. ; Yuan Z.-M.; Gong P.; Zhang B.