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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Metal-Organic Frameworks with Reduced Hydrophilicity for Postcombustion CO2 Capture from Wet Flue GasWang, Yuxiang ; Hu, Zhigang ; Kundu, Tanay ; Cheng, Youdong ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Qian, Yuhong ; Zhai, Linzhi; Zhao, Dan 
1-Mar-2019Mixed matrix membranes containing MOF@COF hybrid fillers for efficient CO2/CH4 separationCheng, Youdong ; Ying, Yunpan ; Zhai, Linzhi; Liu, Guoliang ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Wang, Yuxiang ; Christopher, Mark Prasath; Long, Sichang ; Wang, Yaxin; Zhao, Dan 
15-Jul-2019Plasticization resistance-enhanced CO2 separation at elevated pressures by mixed matrix membranes containing flexible metal-organic framework fillersYING YUNPAN ; CHENG YOUDONG ; PEH SHING BO ; LIU GUOLIANG ; Shah, Bhuvan B; Zhai, Linzhi; Zhao Dan 
Sep-2020Polycrystalline rare-earth metal-organic framework membranes with in-situ healing ability for efficient alcohol dehydrationZhai, Linzhi; YU XIN ; WANG YUXIANG ; ZHANG JIAN ; YING YUNPAN ; CHENG YOUDONG ; PEH SHING BO ; LIU GUOLIANG ; WANG XUERUI ; Cai, Yahui; Zhao Dan 
7-Jan-2019Selective Gas Permeation in Mixed Matrix Membranes Accelerated by Hollow Ionic Covalent Organic PolymersCheng, Youdong ; Zhai, Linzhi; Tong, Minman; Kundu, Tanay ; Liu, Guoliang ; Ying, Yunpan ; Dong, Jinqiao ; Wang, Yuxiang ; Zhao, Dan 
1-Sep-2018Solution-reprocessable microporous polymeric adsorbents for carbon dioxide captureHu, Zhigang ; Wang, Yuxiang ; Wang, Xuerui ; Zhai, Linzhi; Zhao, Dan 
1-Oct-2017Ultrathin mixed matrix membranes containing two-dimensional metal-organic framework nanosheets for efficient CO2/CH4 separationCheng, Youdong ; Wang, Xuerui ; Jia, Chuankun ; Wang, Yuxiang ; Zhai, Linzhi; Wang, Qing ; Zhao, Dan