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2002A young man with parkinsonismThant Z.S.; Chan L.L.; Lim E.; Wong M.C.; Tan E.K. 
2002Cervical disc prolapse with cord compression presenting with choreoathetosis and dystoniaTan E.K. ; Lo Y.L.; Chan L.L.; See S.J.; Hong A.; Wong M.C.
2002Evaluation of somnolence in Parkinson's disease: Comparison with age- and sex-matched controlsTan E.-K. ; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Chong S.M.C.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Tan L.; Tan A.; Wong M.C.
2002Evolving spectrum of movement disorders in extrapontine and central pontine myelinolysisSeah A.B.H.; Chan L.L.; Wong M.C.; Tan E.K. 
2006Genetic analysis of SCA2, 3 and 17 in idiopathic Parkinson's diseaseLim S.W.; Zhao Y.; Chua E.; Law H.Y.; Yuen Y.; Pavanni R. ; Wong M.C.; Ng I.S.; Yoon C.S.; Puong K.Y.; Lim S.H. ; Tan E.K. 
2002Mitochondrial complex I polymorphism and cigarette smoking in Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Chai A.; Zhao Y.; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Chong S.M.C.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Pavanni R.; Wong M.C.
2001Restless legs syndrome in an Asian population: A study in SingaporeTan E.K. ; Seah A.; See S.J.; Lim E.; Wong M.C.; Koh K.K.
2002Restless legs syndrome in Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Lum S.Y.; Wong M.C.
2007The LRRK2 Gly2385Arg variant is associated with Parkinson's disease: Genetic and functional evidenceTan E.K. ; Zhao Y.; Skipper L.; Tan M.G.; Di Fonzo A.; Sun L.; Fook-Chong S.; Tang S.; Chua E.; Yuen Y.; Tan L.; Pavanni R.; Wong M.C.; Kolatkar P.; Lu C.S.; Bonifati V.; Liu J.J.
1998Unusual pure motor axonal neuropathy in a Burmese family with galactosialidosisTan E.K. ; Wong M.C.; Ng I.; Teo S.H.; Lo Y.L.; Cho M.M.