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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Genomic analysis of a mycobacterium bovisbacillus Calmette-Guérin strain isolated from an adult patient with pulmonary tuberculosisLi X.; Chen L.; Zhu Y.; Yu X. ; Cao J.; Wang R.; Lv X.; He J.; Guo A.; Huang H.; Zheng H.; Liu S.
2015Hydrogen sulfide donor GYY4137 protects against myocardial fibrosisMeng G.; Zhu J.; Xiao Y.; Huang Z.; Zhang Y.; Tang X.; Xie L.; Chen Y.; Shao Y.; Ferro A.; Wang R.; Moore P.K. ; Ji Y.
2014Information and communication technology applications in architecture, engineering, and construction organizations: A 15-year reviewLu Y. ; Li Y.; Skibniewski M.; Wu Z.; Wang R.; Le Y.
2014Joint effects of known type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci in genome-wide association study of Singapore Chinese: The Singapore Chinese health studyChen Z.; Pereira M.A.; Seielstad M.; Koh W.-P. ; Tai E.S. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Liu J.; Hsu C.; Wang R.; Odegaard A.O.; Thyagarajan B.; Koratkar R.; Yuan J.-M.; Gross M.D.; Stram D.O.
2015Mid-infrared optical nonlinearities of chalcogenide glasses in Ge-Sb-Se ternary systemDai S.; Chen F.; Xu Y.; Xu Z.; Shen X.; Xu T.; Wang R.; Ji W. 
2020Role of Histone Deacetylases in Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Systemic Energy Homeostasis: Implications for Metabolic Diseases and TherapyTian H.; Liu S.; Ren J.; Lee J.K.W. ; Wang R.; Chen P.
2018Targeting the potent Beclin 1-UVRAG coiled-coil interaction with designed peptides enhances autophagy and endolysosomal traffickingWu S.; He Y.; Qiu X.; Yang W.; Liu W.; Li X.; Li Y.; Shen H.-M. ; Wang R.; Yue Z.; Zhao Y.