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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Incidence and phenotype of inflammatory bowel disease based on results from the Asia-Pacific Crohn's and colitis epidemiology studyNg, S.C.; Tang, W.; Ching, J.Y.; Wong, M.; Chow, C.M.; Hui, A.J.; Wong, T.C.; Leung, V.K.; Tsang, S.W.; Yu, H.H.; Li, M.F.; Ng, K.K.; Kamm, M.A.; Studd, C.; Bell, S.; Leong, R.; De Silva, H.J.; Kasturiratne, A.; Mufeena, M.N.F.; Ling, K.L.; Ooi, C.J.; Tan, P.S. ; Ong, D.; Goh, K.L.; Hilmi, I.; Pisespongsa, P.; Manatsathit, S.; Rerknimitr, R.; Aniwan, S.; Wang, Y.F.; Ouyang, Q.; Zeng, Z.; Zhu, Z.; Chen, M.H.; Hu, P.J.; Wu, K.; Wang, X.; Simadibrata, M.; Abdullah, M.; Wu, J.C.; Sung, J.J.Y.; Chan, F.K.L.
2010Interobserver reliability in the endoscopic diagnosis and grading of Barrett's esophagus: An Asian multinational studyLee, Y.C.; Cook, M.B.; Bhatia, S.; Chow, W.H.; El-Omar, E.M.; Goto, H.; Lin, J.T.; Li, Y.Q.; Rhee, P.L.; Sharma, P.; Sung, J.J.Y.; Wong, J.Y.Y. ; Wu, J.C.Y.; Ho, K.Y.
Jul-2012Knowledge of, attitudes toward, and barriers to participation of colorectal cancer screening tests in the Asia-Pacific region: A multicenter studyKoo, J.H.; Leong, R.W.L.; Ching, J.; Yeoh, K.-G. ; Wu, D.-C.; Murdani, A.; Cai, Q.; Chiu, H.-M.; Chong, V.H.; Rerknimitr, R.; Goh, K.-L.; Hilmi, I.; Byeon, J.-S.; Niaz, S.K.; Siddique, A.; Wu, K.C.; Matsuda, T.; Makharia, G.; Sollano, J.; Lee, S.-K.; Sung, J.J.Y.
21-Jun-2003Severe acute respiratory syndrome [1] (multiple letters)Chan-Yeung, M.; Seto, W.H.; Sung, J.J.Y.; Wilder-Smith, A.; Paton, N.I.; Tan, Y.-M.; Chow, P.K.H.; Soo, K.-C.; Yeoh, S.C.; Lee, E.; Lee, B.W. ; Goh, D.L. ; Yassi, A.; Noble, M.A.; Daly, P.; Bryce, E.; Hsieh, Y.-H.; Chen, C.W.-S.; Lange, J.H.; LaPorte, R.E.; Smith, A.F.; Wild, C.; Law, J.; Davies, P.D.O.
Sep-2011The Asia-Pacific Colorectal Screening score: A validated tool that stratifies risk for colorectal advanced neoplasia in asymptomatic Asian subjectsYeoh, K.-G. ; Ho, K.-Y. ; Chiu, H.-M.; Zhu, F. ; Ching, J.Y.L.; Wu, D.-C.; Matsuda, T.; Byeon, J.-S.; Lee, S.-K.; Goh, K.-L.; Sollano, J.; Rerknimitr, R.; Leong, R.; Tsoi, K.; Lin, J.-T.; Sung, J.J.Y.