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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Dark-red O8 molecules in solid oxygen: Rhomboid clusters, not S8-like ringsSteudel, R.; Ming, W.W. 
26-Aug-2004Electrophilic attack on sulfur-sulfur bonds. 1. protonation of various isomers of the homoatomic sulfur molecules S n (n = 2-8)Wong, M.W. ; Chwee, T.S.; Steudel, R.
4-Feb-2005Electrophilic attack on sulfur-sulfur bonds: Coordination of lithium cations to sulfur-rich molecules studied by ab initio MO methodsSteudel, Y.; Wong, M.W. ; Steudel, R.
8-Dec-2006Homolytic dissociation of the vulcanization accelerator tetramethylthiuram disulfide (TMTD) and structures and stabilities of the related radicals Me 2NCSn • (n = 1-4)Steudel, R.; Steudel, Y.; Mak, A.M.; Ming, W.W. 
2-Jun-2008Homolytic SS bond dissociation of 11 bis(thiocarbonyl)disulfides R-C(=S)-S-S-C(=S)R and prediction of A novel rubber vulcanization acceleratorMak, A.M.; Steudel, R.; Wong, M.W. 
28-Nov-2005Isomers of cyclo-heptasulfur and their coordination to Li+: An ab initio molecular orbital studyWong, M.W. ; Steudel, Y.; Steudel, R.
22-Sep-2004Novel isomers of hexasulfur: Prediction of a stable prism isomer and implications for the thermal reactivity of elemental sulfurWong, M.W. ; Steudel, Y.; Steudel, R.
4-Oct-2002Novel species for the sulfur zoo: Isomers of S8Wong, M.W. ; Steudel, Y.; Steudel, R.
2006S3O2 - An unusual structure with π*- π* interactionWah Wong, M. ; Steudel, R.
19-Sep-2003Structure and spectra of tetrasulfur S4 - An ab initio MO studyWong, M.W. ; Steudel, R.
2007Structures and vibrational spectra of the sulfur-rich oxides SnO (n = 4-9): The importance of π*-π* interactionsWong, M.W. ; Steudel, Y.; Steudel, R.
7-Aug-2005Structures of the trisulfur oxides S3O and S3O .+: Branched rings, not open chainsWong, M.W. ; Steudel, R.
4-Jan-2002The thermal decomposition of thiirane: A mechanistic study by Ab initio MO theorySteudel, Y.; Steudel, R.; Wong, M.W.