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Sep-2011A review of educational strategies to improve nurses' roles in recognizing and responding to deteriorating patientsLiaw, Sok Ying ; Scherpbier, Albert; Yobas, Piyanee ; Rethans, Jan-Joost
Aug-2012Assessment for simulation learning outcomes: a comparison of knowledge and self-reported confidence with observed clinical performanceLiaw, Sok Ying ; Scherpbier, Albert; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Klainin-Yobas, Piyanee 
17-Mar-2016Comparison of standardized patients with high-fidelity simulators for managing stress and improving performance in clinical deterioration: A mixed methods studyIgnacio, Mary Jeanette Jacinto ; Dolmans, Aiana; Scherpbier, Albert; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Chan, Wai Chi Sally ; Liaw, Sok Ying 
Mar-2012Recognizing, responding to and reporting patient deterioration: Transferring simulation learning to patient care settings Liaw, Sok Ying ; Chan, Wai Chi Sally ; Scherpbier, Albert; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Pua, Gim Gim
Nov-2011Rescuing a patient In deteriorating situations (RAPIDS): An evaluation tool for assessing simulation performance on clinical deteriorationLiaw, Sok Ying ; Scherpbier, Albert; Klainin-Yobas, Piyanee ; Rethans, Jan-Joost
Sep-2011Rescuing A Patient In Deteriorating Situations {RAPIDS): A simulation-based program on recognizing, responding and reporting of physiological signs of deteriorationLiaw, Sok Ying ; Rethans, Jan-Joost; Scherpbier, Albert; Yobas, Piyanee