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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009A Design Methodology and Device/Circuit/Architecture Compatible Simulation Framework for Low-Power Magnetic Quantum Cellular Automata SystemsAugustine, Charles; Behin-Aein, Behtash; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jan-2015Domain Wall Motion-based Low Power Hybrid Spin-CMOS 5-bit Flash Analog Data ConverterYogendra, Karthik; Chen, Mei-Chin; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Mar-2016Embedding Read-Only Memory in Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM-Based On-Chip CachesFong, Xuanyao ; Venkatesan, Rangharajan; Lee, Dongsoo; Raghunathan, Anand; Roy, Kaushik
1-Mar-2015Exploring Spin Transfer Torque Devices for Unconventional ComputingRoy, Kaushik; Fan, Deliang; Fong, Xuanyao ; Kim, Yusung; Sharad, Mrigank; Paul, Somnath; Chatterjee, Subho; Bhunia, Swarup; Mukhopadhyay, Saibal
1-Feb-2014Failure Mitigation Techniques for 1T-1MTJ Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM Bit-cellsFong, Xuanyao ; Kim, Yusung; Choday, Sri Harsha; Roy, Kaushik
1-Apr-2017Fast and Disturb-Free Nonvolatile Flip-Flop Using Complementary Polarizer MTJSeo, Yeongkyo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Sep-2016High Performance and Energy-Efficient On-Chip Cache Using Dual Port (1R/1W) Spin-Orbit Torque MRAMSeo, Yeongkyo; Kwon, Kon-Woo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Nov-2015High-Density and Robust STT-MRAM Array Through Device/Circuit/Architecture InteractionsKwon, Kon-Woo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Wijesinghe, Parami; Panda, Priyadarshini; Roy, Kaushik
1-Aug-2015Highly Reliable Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM-Based Physical Unclonable Function With Multi-Response-Bits Per CellZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao ; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik
1-Dec-2014Laser Induced Magnetization Reversal for Detection in Optical InterconnectsAl Azim, Zubair; Fong, Xuanyao ; Ostler, Thomas; Chantrell, Roy; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jan-2013Low-power Robust Complementary Polarizer STT-MRAM (CPSTT) for On-chip CachesFong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jan-2016A Low-voltage, Low power STDP Synapse implementation using Domain-Wall Magnets for Spiking Neural NetworksNarasimman, Govind; Roy, Subhrajit; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik; Chang, Chip-Hong; Basu, Arindam
1-Mar-2016Modeling and Evaluation of Topological Insulator/Ferromagnet Heterostructure-Based MemoryReza, Ahmed Kamal; Fong, Xuanyao ; Al Azim, Zubair; Roy, Kaushik
1-Feb-2015Multilevel Spin-Orbit Torque MRAMsKim, Yusung; Fong, Xuanyao ; Kwon, Kon-Woo; Chen, Mei-Chin; Roy, Kaushik
1-Oct-2014Non-Volatile Complementary Polarizer Spin-Transfer Torque On-Chip Caches: A Device/Circuit/Systems PerspectiveFong, Xuanyao ; Venkatesan, Rangharajan; Raghunathan, Anand; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jul-2015Optimizating Emerging Nonvolatile Memories for Dual-Mode Applications: Data Storage and Key GeneratorZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao ; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik
1-Oct-2013R-MRAM: A ROM-Embedded STT MRAM CacheLee, Dongsoo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jan-2013Robust Low-power Multi-terminal STT-MRAMFong, Xuanyao ; Roy, Kaushik
1-Apr-2014SHE-NVFF: Spin Hall Effect-Based Nonvolatile Flip-Flop for Power Gating ArchitectureKwon, Kon-Woo; Choday, Sri Harsha; Kim, Yusung; Fong, Xuanyao ; Park, Sang Phill; Roy, Kaushik
1-Jan-2015Spin-Hall Magnetic Random-Access Memory With Dual Read/Write Ports for On-Chip CachesSeo, Yeongkyo; Fong, Xuanyao ; Kwon, Kon-Woo; Roy, Kaushik