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2019Association of total and trimester-specific gestational weight gain rate with early infancy weight status: A prospective birth cohort study in ChinaHu, J; Aris, I.M ; Oken, E; Ma, Y; Ding, N; Gao, M; Wei, X; Wen, D
2012Ongoing monitoring of data clustering in multicenter studiesGuthrie, L.B; Oken, E; Sterne, J.A.C; Gillman, M.W; Patel, R; Vilchuck, K; Bogdanovich, N; Kramer, M.S ; Martin, R.M
2019Prenatal exposure to traffic pollution and childhood body mass index trajectoryFleisch, A.F; Aris, I.M ; Rifas-Shiman, S.L; Coull, B.A; Luttmann-Gibson, H; Koutrakis, P; Schwartz, J.D; Kloog, I; Gold, D.R; Oken, E
2017Prospective associations between problematic eating attitudes in midchildhood and the future onset of adolescent obesity and high blood pressureWade, K.H; Kramer, M.S ; Oken, E; Timpson, N.J; Skugarevsky, O; Patel, R; Bogdanovich, N; Vilchuck, K; Smith, G.D; Thompson, J; Martin, R.M
2014Prospective associations of parental smoking, alcohol use, marital status, maternal satisfaction, and parental and childhood body mass index at 6.5 years with later problematic eating attitudesWade, K.H; Skugarevsky, O; Kramer, M.S ; Patel, R; Bogdanovich, N; Vilchuck, K; Sergeichick, N; Richmond, R; Palmer, T; Smith, G.D; Gillman, M; Oken, E; Martin, R.M
2018Socioeconomic differences in childhood BMI trajectories in BelarusPatel, R; Tilling, K; Lawlor, D.A; Howe, L.D; Hughes, R.A; Bogdanovich, N; Matush, L; Nicoli, E; Oken, E; Kramer, M.S ; Martin, R.M