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1-Feb-2009APOE related hippocampal shape alteration in geriatric depressionQiu, A. ; Taylor, W.D.; Zhao, Z.; MacFall, J.R.; Miller, M.I.; Key, C.R.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
Jun-2010Atlas Generation for Subcortical and Ventricular Structures with Its Applications in Shape AnalysisQiu, A. ; Brown, T.; Fischl, B.; Ma, J.; Miller, M.I.
Jun-2010Basal Ganglia Shapes Predict Social, Communication, and Motor Dysfunctions in Boys With Autism Spectrum DisorderQiu, A. ; Adler, M.; Crocetti, D.; Miller, M.I.; Mostofsky, S.H.
Jan-2009Basal ganglia volume and shape in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorderQiu, A. ; Crocetti, D.; Adler, M.; Mahone, E.M.; Denckla, M.B.; Miller, M.I.; Mostofsky, S.H.
Jul-2009Collaborative computational anatomy: An MRI morphometry study of the human brain via diffeomorphic metric mappingMiller, M.I.; Priebe, C.E.; Qiu, A. ; Fischl, B.; Kolasny, A.; Brown, T.; Park, Y.; Ratnanather, J.T.; Busa, E.; Jovicich, J.; Yu, P.; Dickerson, B.C.; Buckner, R.L.
1-Sep-2007Combining anatomical manifold information via diffeomorphic metric mappings for studying cortical thinning of the cingulate gyrus in schizophreniaQiu, A. ; Younes, L.; Wang, L.; Ratnanather, J.T.; Gillepsie, S.K.; Kaplan, G.; Csernansky, J.; Miller, M.I.
2007Cortical hemisphere registration via large deformation diffeomorphic metric curve mappingQiu, A. ; Miller, M.I.
2007Cortical hemisphere registration via large deformation diffeomorphic metric curve mapping.Qiu, A. ; Miller, M.I.
15-Feb-2008Intrinsic and extrinsic analysis in computational anatomyQiu, A. ; Younes, L.; Miller, M.I.
Dec-2008Large deformation diffeomorphic metric curve mappingGlaunès, J.; Qiu, A. ; Miller, M.I.; Younes, L.
1-Oct-2008Multi-structure network shape analysis via normal surface momentum mapsQiu, A. ; Miller, M.I.
1-Oct-2009Neuroanatomical asymmetry patterns in individuals with schizophrenia and their non-psychotic siblingsQiu, A. ; Wang, L.; Younes, L.; Harms, M.P.; Ratnanather, J.T.; Miller, M.I.; Csernansky, J.G.
1-Mar-2008Parallel transport in diffeomorphisms distinguishes the time-dependent pattern of hippocampal surface deformation due to healthy aging and the dementia of the Alzheimer's typeQiu, A. ; Younes, L.; Miller, M.I.; Csernansky, J.G.
Feb-2012Principal component based diffeomorphic surface mappingQiu, A. ; Younes, L.; Miller, M.I.
Aug-2008Region-of-interest-based analysis with application of cortical thickness variation of left planum temporale in schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar disorderQiu, A. ; Vaillant, M.; Barta, P.; Ratnanather, J.T.; Miller, M.I.
15-Apr-2009Regional shape abnormalities in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseQiu, A. ; Fennema-Notestine, C.; Dale, A.M.; Miller, M.I.
2010Surface-based analysis on shape and fractional anisotropy of white matter tracts in Alzheimer's diseaseQiu, A. ; Oishi, K.; Miller, M.I.; Lyketsos, C.G.; Mori, S.; Albert, M.
Mar-2009Time sequence diffeomorphic metric mapping and parallel transport track time-dependent shape changes.Qiu, A. ; Albert, M.; Younes, L.; Miller, M.I.