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2015Cobalt sulfide nanoparticles impregnated nitrogen and sulfur co-doped graphene as bifunctional catalyst for rechargeable Zn-air batteriesGeng, Dongsheng; Ding, Nini; Hor, Tzi Sum Andy ; Chien, Sheauwei; Liu, Zhaolin; Zong, Yun
2015Eggplant-derived microporous carbon sheets: Towards mass production of efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts at low cost for rechargeable Zn-air batteriesLi, Bing; Geng, Dongsheng; Lee, Xinjing Shannon; Ge, Xiaoming; Chai, Jianwei; Wang, Zhijuan; Zhang Jie; Liu, Zhaolin; Hor, Tzi Sum Andy ; Zong Yun
1-Mar-2019Janus Electrocatalysts Containing MOF-Derived Carbon Networks and NiFe-LDH Nanoplates for Rechargeable Zinc-Air BatteriesQian, Yuhong ; An, Tao; Sarnello, Erik; Liu, Zhaolin; Li, Tao; Zhao, Dan 
1-Jan-2017A metal-free ORR/OER bifunctional electrocatalyst derived from metal-organic frameworks for rechargeable Zn-Air batteriesQian, Yuhong ; Hu, Zhigang ; Ge, Xiaoming; Yang, Shiliu ; Peng, Yongwu ; Kang, Zixi ; Liu, Zhaolin; Lee, Jim Yang ; Zhao, Dan 
2015Tellurium@Ordered macroporous carbon composite and free-standing tellurium nanowire mat as cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-tellurium batteriesDing, Ning; Chen, Shaofeng; Geng, Dongsheng; An, Tao; Hor, Tzi Sum Andy ; Liu, Zhaolin; Yu, Shuhong; Zong, Yun
19-Apr-2018Web-Like Interconnected Carbon Networks from NaCl-Assisted Pyrolysis of ZIF-8 for Highly Efficient Oxygen Reduction CatalysisQIAN YUHONG ; An, Tao; BIRGERSSON,KARL ERIK ; Liu, Zhaolin; Zhao Dan