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2007A pregnant lady with aggressive breast cancerWong, A.S.C.; Lim, E.H.; Lim, S.-E.; Robless, P.A. ; Back, M.F.; Wang, S.-C. ; Ang, B.-K.
Mar-2009Chemotherapy-induced tumor gene expression changes in human breast cancersLee, S.-C. ; Xu, X.; Lim, Y.-W.; Lau, P.; Sukri, N.; Lim, S.-E.; Yap, H.L.; Yeo, W.-L.; Tan, P.; Tan, S.-H.; McLeod, H.; Goh, B.-C.
2007Clinical observations from a breast cancer registry in Asian womenLim, S.-E.; Back, M.; Quek, E.; Iau, P.; Putti, T. ; Wong, J.E.L. 
Feb-2011Comparison of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of S-1 between Caucasian and East Asian patientsChuah, B.; Goh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. ; Soong, R. ; Lau, F.; Mulay, M.; Dinolfo, M.; Lim, S.-E.; Soo, R.; Furuie, T.; Saito, K.; Zergebel, C.; Rosen, L.S.
24-Sep-2012Does the Axillary Lymph Node Ratio Have Any Added Prognostic Value over pN Staging for South East Asian Breast Cancer Patients?Saxena, N.; Hartman, M. ; Yip, C.-H.; Bhoo-Pathy, N.; Khin, L.W.; Taib, N.A.; Looi, L.-M.; Lim, S.-E.; Lee, S.-C. ; Verkooijen, H.M. 
21-Feb-2012Ethnic differences in survival after breast cancer in South East AsiaBhoo-Pathy, N.; Hartman, M. ; Yip, C.-H.; Saxena, N.; Taib, N.A.; Lim, S.-E.; Iau, P.; Adami, H.-O.; Bulgiba, A.M.; Lee, S.-C. ; Verkooijen, H.M. 
Dec-2010Phase II study of gemcitabine and carboplatin in metastatic breast cancers with prior exposure to anthracyclines and taxanesChan, D.; Yeo, W.-L. ; Tiemsim Cordero, M.; Wong, C.-I.; Chuah, B.; Soo, R. ; Tan, S.-H.; Lim, S.-E.; Goh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. 
2005Post-metallic stent placement bleeding caused by stent-induced ulcersWai, C.-T. ; Khor, C.; Ho, K.-Y. ; Lim, S.-E.
Nov-2009Post-treatment tumor gene expression signatures are more predictive of treatment outcomes than baseline signatures in breast cancerLee, S.-C. ; Xu, X. ; Chng, W.-J.; Watson, M.; Lim, Y.-W.; Wong, C.-I.; Iau, P.; Sukri, N.; Lim, S.-E.; Yap, H.-L. ; Buhari, S.A.; Tan, P.; Guo, J. ; Chuah, B.; McLeod, H.L.; Goh, B.-C.
2014The Distress Thermometer as an ultra-short screening tool: A first validation study for mixed-cancer outpatients in SingaporeLim, H.A.; Mahendran, R. ; Chua, J.; Peh, C.-X.; Lim, S.-E.; Kua, E.-H.