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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2017High performance photosensitizers with aggregation-induced emission for image-guided photodynamic anticancer therapyWU WENBO ; MAO DUO ; XU SHIDANG ; Ji, Shenglu; Hu, Fang; Ding, Dan; Kong, Deling; LIU BIN 
6-Sep-2017A Highly Efficient and Photostable Photosensitizer with Near-Infrared Aggregation-Induced Emission for Image-Guided Photodynamic Anticancer TherapyWu, Wenbo; Mao, Duo ; Hu, Fang ; Xu, Shidang ; Chen, Chao; Zhang, Chong-Jing ; Cheng, Xiamin; Yuan, Youyong ; Ding, Dan ; Kong, Deling; Liu, Bin 
9-May-2018Metal-Organic Framework as a Simple and General Inert Nanocarrier for Photosensitizers to Implement Activatable Photodynamic TherapyHu, Fang; MAO DUO ; KENRY ; WANG YUXIANG ; Wu, Wenbo; Zhao Dan ; Kong, Deling; LIU BIN 
3-May-2018Metal-Organic-Framework-Assisted In Vivo Bacterial Metabolic Labeling and Precise Antibacterial TherapyMAO DUO ; Hu, Fang; KENRY ; Ji, Shenglu; Wu, Wenbo; Ding, Dan; Kong, Deling; LIU BIN 
10-Dec-2018Multifunctional Liposome: A Bright AIEgen-Lipid Conjugate with Strong PhotosensitizationCAI XIAOLEI ; MAO DUO ; WANG CAN ; Kong, Deling; Cheng, Xiamin; LIU BIN 
5-Apr-2016Peptide-Induced AIEgen Self-Assembly: A New Strategy to Realize Highly Sensitive Fluorescent Light-Up ProbesHan, Aitian; Wang, Huaimin; Kwok, Ryan TK; Ji, Shenglu; Li, Jun; Kong, Deling; Tang, Ben Zhong; Liu, Bin ; Yang, Zhimou; Ding, Dan 
28-Aug-2019Precise Molecular Engineering of Photosensitizers with Aggregation-Induced Emission over 800 nm for Photodynamic TherapyWu, Wenbo ; Mao, Duo ; Xu, Shidang ; Panahandeh-Fard, Majid ; Duan, Yukun ; Hu, Fang ; Kong, Deling; Liu, Bin