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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-1996Optimal design of internal ring support for rectangular plates against vibration or bucklingXiang, Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Oct-1986Optimal design of tapered beams for maximum buckling strengthWang, C.M. ; Thevendran, V. ; Teo, K.L.; Kitipornchai, S.
Sep-1990Optimal designs of I-beams against lateral bucklingWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Thevendran, V. 
1996Optimal locations of point supports in plates for maximum fundamental frequencyXiang, Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
1991Parametric study on distortional buckling of monosymmetric beam-columnsWang, C.M. ; Chin, C.K.; Kitipornchai, S.
2009Plastic-buckling of rectangular plates under combined uniaxial and shear stressesWang, C.M. ; Aung, T.M.; Kitipornchai, S.; Xiang, Y.
Jun-2009Postbuckling of nano rods/tubes based on nonlocal beam theoryWang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.; Kitipornchai, S.
Jan-2000Relationship between vibration frequencies of Reddy and Kirchhoff polygonal plates with simply supported edgesWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Reddy, J.N.
Nov-1997Relationships between buckling loads of Kirchhoff, Mindlin, and Reddy polygonal plates on Pasternak foundationWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Xiang, Y.
1993Research developments in analyses of plates and shellsLiew, K.M.; Kitipornchai, S.; Wang, C.M. 
1993Research on elastic buckling of columns, beam and plates: Focussing on formulas and design chartsWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Liew, K.M.
May-1998Shear deformable bending solutions for nonuniform beams and plates with elastic end restraints from classical solutionsWang, C.M. ; Chen, C.C.; Kitipornchai, S.
Jan-1994Shear effect factor for Mindlin plate bucklingWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Xiang, Y.
1992Shooting-optimization technique for large deflection analysis of structural membersWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Jul-1990Shooting-optimization technique for large deflection analysis of structural membersWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Feb-1993Stability of skew Mindlin plates under isotropic in-plane pressureWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Xiang, Y.; Liew, K.M. 
Feb-1997Timoshenko curved beam bending solutions in terms of Euler-Bernoulli solutionsLim, C.W.; Wang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Jan-1995Vibration frequencies for elliptical and semi-elliptical mindlin platesWang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.; Kitipornchai, S.
Dec-2007Vibration of initially stressed micro-and nano-beamsWang, C.M. ; Zhang, Y.Y. ; Kitipornchai, S.
Aug-1997Vibration of shallow shells: A review with bibliographyLiew, K.M. ; Lim, C.W.; Kitipornchai, S.