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2012A new in-camera imaging model for color computer vision and its applicationKim, S.J.; Lin, H.T.; Lu, Z. ; Süsstrunk, S.; Lin, S.; Brown, M.S. 
2013Color-aware regularization for gradient domain image manipulationDeng, F.; Kim, S.J.; Tai, Y.-W.; Brown, M.S. 
16-Nov-2013Extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma involving the gastrointestinal tract: Analysis of clinical features and outcomes from the Asia Lymphoma study groupKim, S.J.; Jung, H.A.; Chuang, S.-S.; Hong, H.; Guo, C.-C.; Cao, J.; Hong, X.-N.; Suzuki, R.; Kang, H.J.; Won, J.H.; Chng, W.-J. ; Kwong, Y.-L.; Suh, C.; Song, Y.-Q.; Zhu, J.; Tay, K.; Lim, S.T.; Suzumiya, J.; Lin, T.-Y.; Kim, W.S.
Nov-2013Hepatitis B virus reactivation in B-cell lymphoma patients treated with rituximab: Analysis from the Asia Lymphoma Study GroupKim, S.J.; Hsu, C.; Song, Y.-Q.; Tay, K.; Hong, X.-N.; Cao, J.; Kim, J.S.; Eom, H.S.; Lee, J.H.; Zhu, J.; Chang, K.-M.; Reksodiputro, A.H.; Tan, D.; Goh, Y.T.; Lee, J.; Intragumtornchai, T.; Chng, W.-J. ; Cheng, A.-L.; Lim, S.T.; Suh, C.; Kwong, Y.-L.; Kim, W.S.
Nov-2013Management of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Asia: Resource-stratified guidelinesTan, D.; Tan, S.Y. ; Lim, S.T. ; Kim, S.J.; Kim, W.-S.; Advani, R.; Kwong, Y.-L.
Oct-2005Mössbauer studies of nano-size controlled iron oxide for biomedical applicationsLee, S.W.; Kim, S.J.; Shim, I.-B.; Bae, S. ; Kim, C.S.
2012Nonlinear camera response functions and image deblurringKim, S.; Tai, Y.-W.; Kim, S.J.; Brown, M.S. ; Matsushita, Y.
2013Nonlinear camera response functions and image deblurring: Theoretical analysis and practiceTai, Y.-W.; Chen, X.; Kim, S.; Kim, S.J.; Li, F.; Yang, J.; Yu, J.; Matsushita, Y.; Brown, M.S. 
2012Nonuniform lattice regression for modeling the camera imaging pipelineLin, H.T.; Lu, Z.; Kim, S.J.; Brown, M.S. 
Jul-2012Type II enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: A multicenter analysis from the Asia Lymphoma Study GroupTse, E.; Gill, H.; Loong, F.; Kim, S.J.; Ng, S.-B. ; Tang, T.; Ko, Y.-H.; Chng, W.-J. ; Lim, S.-T. ; Kim, W.S.; Kwong, Y.-L.