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2018Accessing valley degree of freedom in bulk Tin(II) sulfide at room temperatureLin, S; Carvalho, A ; Yan, S; Li, R; Kim, S; Rodin, A ; Carvalho, L ; Chan, E.M; Wang, X; Castro Neto, A.H ; Yao, J
2016Exome sequencing reveals recurrent REV3L mutations in cisplatin-resistant squamous cell carcinoma of head and neckHuang, K.K ; Jang, K.W; Kim, S; Kim, H.S; Kim, S.-M; Kwon, H.J; Kim, H.R; Yun, H.J; Ahn, M.J; Park, K.U; Ramnarayanan, K ; McPherson, J.R ; Zhang, S ; Rhee, J.-K; Vettore, A.L ; Das, K ; Ishimoto, T ; Kim, J.H; Koh, Y.W; Kim, S.H; Choi, E.C; Teh, B.T ; Rozen, S.G ; Kim, T.-M; Tan, P ; Cho, B.C
2016Magnetic effects in sulfur-decorated grapheneHwang, C; Cybart, S.A; Shin, S.J; Kim, S; Kim, K; Rappoport, T.G; Wu, S.M; Jozwiak, C; Fedorov, A.V; Mo, S.-K; Lee, D.-H ; Min, B.I; Haller, E.E; Dynes, R.C; Castro Neto, A.H ; Lanzara, A
2014Predictive combinatorial design of mRNA translation initiation regions for systematic optimization of gene expression levelsSeo, S.W; Yang, J.-S; Cho, H.-S ; Yang, J; Kim, S.C; Park, J.M; Kim, S; Jung, G.Y
2018Single-shot 3D coherent diffractive imaging of core-shell nanoparticles with elemental specificityPryor, A; Rana, A; Xu, R; Rodriguez, J.A; Yang, Y; Gallagher-Jones, M; Jiang, H; Kanhaiya, K; Nathanson, M; Park, J; Kim, S; Kim, S; Nam, D; Yue, Y; Fan, J; Sun, Z; Zhang, B; Gardner, D.F; Dias, C.S.B; Joti, Y; Hatsui, T; Kameshima, T; Inubushi, Y; Tono, K; Lee, J.Y ; Yabashi, M; Song, C; Ishikawa, T; Kapteyn, H.C; Murnane, M.M; Heinz, H; Miao, J
1-Dec-2018Skew Pieri algebras of the general linear groupKim, S; Lee Soo Teck ; Wang, Y
2018Snapshot and crystallographic observations of kinetic and thermodynamic products for NO 2 S 2 macrocyclic complexesPark, I.-H ; Kang, Y; Lee, E; Ju, H; Kim, S; Seo, S; Jung, J.H; Lee, S.S
1-Jan-2019Standard Bases for Tensor Products of Exterior PowersHowe, R; Kim, S; Lee Soo Teck