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2013Environmental implications of the snow chemistry from Mt. Yulong, southeastern Tibetan PlateauNiu H.; He Y.; Zhu G.; Xin H.; Du J.; Pu T.; Lu X.X. ; Zhao G.
2012Growth inhibition and apoptosis induced by osthole, a natural coumarin, in Hepatocellular CarcinomaZhang L.; Jiang G.; Yao F.; He Y.; Liang G.; Zhang Y.; Hu B.; Wu Y.; Li Y.; Liu H. 
2015Hybrid intelligent algorithm and its application in geological hazard risk assessmentLiu M.; He Y.; Wang J.; Lee H.P. ; Liang Y.
2015Macrophage apoptosis induced by aqueous C60 aggregates changing the mitochondrial membrane potentialZhang B.; Bian W.; Amrita Pal ; He Y.
2018Occurrence, distribution, and risk assessment of antibiotics in a subtropical river-reservoir systemChen Y.; Chen H. ; Zhang L.; Jiang Y.; Gin K.-H. ; He Y.
2013PI3-kinase inhibition synergistically promoted the anti-tumor effect of lupeol in hepatocellular carcinomaLiu F.; He Y.; Liang Y.; Wen L.; Zhu Y.; Wu Y.; Zhao L.; Li Y.; Mao X.; Liu H. 
2015Retromer Is Essential for Autophagy-Dependent Plant Infection by the Rice Blast FungusZheng W.; Zhou J.; He Y.; Xie Q.; Chen A.; Zheng H.; Shi L.; Zhao X.; Zhang C.; Huang Q.; Fang K.; Lu G.; Ebbole D.J.; Li G.; Naqvi N.I. ; Wang Z.
2018Targeting the potent Beclin 1-UVRAG coiled-coil interaction with designed peptides enhances autophagy and endolysosomal traffickingWu S.; He Y.; Qiu X.; Yang W.; Liu W.; Li X.; Li Y.; Shen H.-M. ; Wang R.; Yue Z.; Zhao Y.