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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Bottom-up saliency detection for attention determinationGe, S.S. ; He, H.; Zhang, Z.
2011Design and development of Nancy, a social robotGe, S.S. ; Cabibihan, J.J. ; Zhang, Z.; Li, Y.; Meng, C.; He, H.; Safizadeh, M.R.; Li, Y.B.; Yang, J.
2009Face recognition using ALLE and SIFT for human robot interactionPan, Y.; Ge, S.S. ; He, H.
Apr-2012Geometrically local embedding in manifolds for dimension reductionGe, S.S. ; He, H.; Shen, C.
Oct-2003Global effects of histone modificationsHe, H.; Lehming, N. 
2003Global effects of histone modifications.He, H.; Lehming, N. 
2008Identification of novel attenuated Salmonella Enteritidis mutantsChang, J.; Pang, E.; Kwang, J. ; He, H.
Jun-2008Identification of novel attenuated Salmonella Enteritidis mutantsChang, J.; Pang, E.; He, H.; Kwang, J. 
15-Aug-2012In silico identification of human pregnane X receptor activators from molecular descriptors by machine learning approachesRao, H.; Wang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Yin, J.; He, H.; Zhu, F. ; Li, Z.
2008Integrated immunogenomics in the chicken: Deciphering the immune response to identify disease resistance genesKaiser, P.; Howell, J.; Fife, M.; Sadeyen, J.-R.; Salmon, N.; Rothwell, L.; Young, J.; Van Diemen, P.; Stevens, M.; Poh, T.-Y. ; Jones, M.; Barrow, P.; Wigley, P.; He, H.; Swaggerty, C.; Kogut, M.; Smith, J.; Burt, D.
Jul-2012Mutual-reinforcement document summarization using embedded graph based sentence clustering for storytellingZhang, Z.; Ge, S.S. ; He, H.
2011Neural-network-based human intention estimation for physical human-robot interactionGe, S.S. ; Li, Y.; He, H.
2015Orthogonal design study on factors affecting the diameter of perfluorinated sulfonic acid nanofibers during electrospinningSong, T.; Chen, Z.; He, H.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Y.; Ramakrishna, S. 
10-Aug-2009Reproductive and family planning history, knowledge, and needs: A community survey of low-income women in Beijing, ChinaHe, H.; Østbye, T. ; Daltveit, A.K.
21-May-2014Robust curb detection with fusion of 3d-Lidar and camera dataTan, J. ; Li, J.; An, X.; He, H.
Aug-2011Robust line detection using two-orthogonal direction image scanningYang, K. ; Sam Ge, S. ; He, H.
1-Nov-2008Special issue on life system modeling and bio-inspired computing for LSMS 2007Huang, S. ; He, H.; Li, K.
2009Task-based flocking algorithm for mobile robot cooperationHe, H.; Ge, S.S. ; Tong, G.
Nov-2011Visual Attention Prediction Using Saliency Determination of Scene Understanding for Social RobotsHe, H.; Ge, S.S. ; Zhang, Z.
2011Visual cortex inspired junction detectionGe, S.S. ; Shen, C.; He, H.