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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012PBTI characteristics of N-channel tunneling field effect transistor with HfO 2 gate dielectric: New insights and physical modelHan, G. ; Yang, Y.; Guo, P.; Zhan, C.; Low, K.L.; Goh, K.H.; Liu, B.; Toh, E.-H.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
1-Jul-2012Preparation of sucrose-based microporous carbons and their application as electrode materials for supercapacitorsGuo, P.; Gu, Y.; Lei, Z. ; Cui, Y.; Zhao, X.S.
2013Relaxed and strained patterned germanium-tin structures: A Raman scattering studyCheng, R. ; Wang, W.; Gong, X.; Sun, L.; Guo, P.; Hu, H.; Shen, Z.; Han, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
11-Apr-2011Silicon-based tunneling field-effect transistor with elevated germanium source formed on (110) silicon substrateHan, G. ; Guo, P.; Yang, Y.; Zhan, C.; Zhou, Q. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
1-Jun-2012Simulation of tunneling field-effect transistors with extended source structuresYang, Y.; Guo, P.; Han, G. ; Lu Low, K.; Zhan, C.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Apr-2011Source engineering for tunnel field-effect transistor: Elevated source with vertical silicon-germanium/germanium heterostructureHan, G. ; Guo, P.; Yang, Y.; Fan, L.; Yee, Y.S.; Zhan, C.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2010Strain engineering and junction design for tunnel field-effect transistorYeo, Y.-C. ; Han, G. ; Yang, Y.; Guo, P.
2012Strained germanium-tin (GeSn) N-channel MOSFETs featuring low temperature N +/P junction formation and GeSnO 2 interfacial layerHan, G. ; Su, S.; Wang, L.; Wang, W.; Gong, X.; Yang, Y.; Ivana; Guo, P.; Guo, C.; Zhang, G.; Pan, J.; Zhang, Z.; Xue, C.; Cheng, B.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2013Strained germanium-tin (GeSn) p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors (p-MOSFETs) with ammonium sulfide passivationWang, L.; Su, S.; Wang, W.; Gong, X.; Yang, Y.; Guo, P.; Zhang, G.; Xue, C.; Cheng, B.; Han, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
19-Aug-2010Template synthesis of tubular ruthenium oxides for supercapacitor applicationsZhang, J.; Ma, J. ; Zhang, L.L. ; Guo, P.; Jiang, J. ; Zhao, X.S. 
2012Thermally stable multi-phase nickel-platinum stanogermanide contacts for germanium-tin channel MOSFETsWang, L.; Han, G. ; Su, S.; Zhou, Q. ; Yang, Y.; Guo, P.; Wang, W.; Tong, Y.; Lim, P.S.Y.; Liu, B.; Kong, E.Y.-J.; Xue, C.; Wang, Q.; Cheng, B.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2012Tin-incorporated source/drain and channel materials for field-effect transistorsYeo, Y.-C. ; Han, G. ; Gong, X.; Wang, L.; Wang, W.; Yang, Y.; Guo, P.; Liu, B.; Su, S.; Zhang, G.; Xue, C.; Cheng, B.
2012Towards direct band-to-band tunneling in P-channel tunneling field effect transistor (TFET): Technology enablement by Germanium-tin (GeSn)Yang, Y.; Su, S.; Guo, P.; Wang, W.; Gong, X.; Wang, L.; Low, K.L.; Zhang, G.; Xue, C.; Cheng, B.; Han, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2012Tunneling field-effect transistor (TFET) with novel Ge/In 0.53Ga0.47As tunneling junctionGuo, P.; Yang, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Han, G. ; Chia, C.K.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
7-Mar-2013Tunneling field-effect transistor with Ge/In0.53Ga 0.47As heterostructure as tunneling junctionGuo, P.; Yang, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Han, G. ; Pan, J.; Ivana; Zhang, Z.; Hu, H.; Shen, Z.X.; Chia, C.K.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2013Uniaxially strained germanium-tin (GeSn) gate-all-around nanowire PFETs enabled by a novel top-down nanowire formation technologyGong, X.; Han, G. ; Su, S.; Cheng, R. ; Guo, P.; Bai, F.; Yang, Y.; Zhou, Q. ; Liu, B.; Goh, K.H.; Zhang, G.; Xue, C.; Cheng, B.; Yeo, Y.-C.