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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Novel and cost-efficient single metallic silicide integration solution with dual Schottky-barrier achieved by aluminum inter-diffusion for FinFET CMOS technology with enhanced performanceLee, R.T.-P. ; Koh, A.T.-Y.; Fang, W.-W.; Tan, K.-M.; Lim, A.E.-J.; Liow, T.-Y.; Chow, S.-Y.; Yong, A.M.; Hoong, S.W.; Lo, G.-Q.; Samudra, G.S. ; Chi, D.-Z.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2009Performance benefits of diamond-like carbon liner stressor in strained p-channel field-effect transistors with silicon-germanium source and drainTan, K.-M.; Yang, M.; Fang, W.-W.; Lim, A.E.-J.; Lee, R.T.-P. ; Liow, T.-Y.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2007Route to low parasitic resistance in MuGFETs with silicon-carbon source/drain: Integration of novel low barrier Ni(M)Si:C metal silicides and pulsed laser annealingLee, R.T.-P. ; Koh, A.T.-Y.; Liu, F.-Y.; Fang, W.-W.; Liow, T.-Y.; Tan, K.-M.; Lim, P.-C.; Lim, A.E.-J.; Zhu, M. ; Hoe, K.-M.; Tung, C.-H.; Lo, G.-Q.; Wang, X.; Low, D.K.-Y.; Samudra, G.S. ; Chi, D.-Z.; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2008Selenium Co-implantation and segregation as a new contact technology for nanoscale SOI N-FETs featuring NiSi:C formed on Silicon-carbon (Si:C) source/drain stressorsWong, H.-S.; Liu, F.-Y.; Ang, K.-W.; Koh, S.-M.; Koh, A.T.-Y.; Liow, T.-Y.; Lee, R.T.-P. ; Lim, A.E.-J.; Fang, W.-W.; Zhu, M. ; Chan, L.; Balasubramaniam, N.; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
2009Sulfur implant for reducing nickel silicide contact resistance in FinFETs with silicon-carbon source/drainKoh, S.-M.; Sinha, M.; Tong, Y.; Chin, H.-C.; Fang, W.-W.; Zhang, X.; Ng, C.-M.; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C.