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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Correction to: Population genomics in South East Asia captures unexpectedly high carrier frequency for treatable inherited disorders (Genetics in Medicine, (2018), 10.1038/s41436-018-0008-6)Bylstra Y.; Kuan J.L.; Lim W.K.; Bhalshankar J.D.; Teo J.X.; Davila S.; Teh B.T.; Rozen S.; Tan E.-C.; Liew W.K.M.; Yeo K.K.; Tan P.; Saw S.M. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Cook S.; Foo R. ; Jamuar S.S.; The SinGapore Incidental Finding (SGIF) study group
2014Detection of chromosomal breakpoints in patients with developmental delay and speech disordersUtami K.H.; Hillmer A.M.; Aksoy I.; Chew E.G.Y.; Teo A.S.M.; Zhang Z.; Lee C.W.H.; Chen P.J.; Seng C.C.; Ariyaratne P.N.; Rouam S.L.; Soo L.S.; Yousoof S.; Prokudin I.; Peters G.; Collins F.; Wilson M.; Kakakios A.; Haddad G.; Menuet A.; Perche O.; Tay S.K.H. ; Sung K.W.K. ; Ruan X.; Ruan Y.; Liu E.T. ; Briault S.; Jamieson R.V.; Davila S.; Cacheux V.
2008Genetic association and expression studies indicate a role of Toll-like receptor 8 in pulmonary tuberculosisDavila S.; Hibberd M.L. ; Dass R.H.; Wong H.E.E.; Sahiratmadja E.; Bonnard C.; Alisjahbana B.; Szeszko J.S.; Balabanova Y.; Drobniewski F.; Van Crevel R.; Van De Vosse E.; Nejentsev S.; Ottenhoff T.H.M.; Seielstad M.
2018Human pharyngeal microbiota in age-related macular degenerationHo E.X.P.; Cheung C.M.G. ; Sim S.; Chu C.W.; Wilm A.; Lin C.B.; Mathur R.; Wong D.; Chan C.M.; Bhagarva M.; Laude A.; Lim T.H.; Wong T.Y. ; Cheng C.Y. ; Davila S.; Hibberd M.