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27-Dec-2013Actin-binding and cell proliferation activities of angiomotin family members are regulated by Hippo pathway-mediated phosphorylationChan, S.W.; Lim, C.J.; Guo, F.; Tan, I.; Leung, T.; Hong Wan Jin 
10-Mar-2011AXL receptor kinase is a mediator of YAP-dependent oncogenic functions in hepatocellular carcinomaXu, M.Z.; Chan, S.W.; Liu, A.M. ; Wong, K.F. ; Fan, S.T.; Chen, J.; Poon, R.T.; Zender, L.; Lowe, S.W.; Hong, W.; Luk, J.M.
Sep-2013Collaboration between hospital physicians and nurses: An integrated literature reviewTang, C.J.; Chan, S.W.; Zhou, Wentao ; Liaw, Sok Ying 
4-Mar-2011Hippo pathway-independent restriction of TAZ and YAP by angiomotinChan, S.W.; Lim, C.J.; Chong, Y.F.; Pobbati, A.V.; Huang, C.; Hong, W. 
3-Jul-2012Structural and functional similarity between the Vgll1-TEAD and the YAP-TEAD complexesPobbati, A.V.; Chan, S.W.; Lee, I.; Song, H.; Hong, W. 
1-Feb-2010Structural basis of YAP recognition by TEAD4 in the Hippo pathwayChen, L.; Chan, S.W.; Zhang, X.; Walsh, M.; Lim, C.J.; Hong, W. ; Song, H.
1998Terrestrial navigation based on integrated GPS and INSGe, S.S. ; Goh, T.K.L.; Jiang, T.Y.; Koopman, R.; Chan, S.W.; Fong, A.M.
Apr-2011The hippo pathway in biological control and cancer developmentChan, S.W.; Lim, C.J.; Chen, L.; Chong, Y.F.; Huang, C.; Song, H.; Hong, W. 
3-Feb-2011WW domain-mediated interaction with Wbp2 is important for the oncogenic property of TAZChan, S.W.; Lim, C.J.; Huang, C.; Chong, Y.F.; Gunaratne, H.J.; Hogue, K.A.; Blackstock, W.P.; Harvey, K.F.; Hong, W.