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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2006Solvent selection for manufacture of fluorinated polyimide composite membranesQin, J.-J.; Chung, T.-S. ; Cao, Y.
2012Sort-sharing-aware query processingCao, Y.; Bramandia, R. ; Chan, C.-Y. ; Tan, K.-L. 
8-Mar-2000Stereo-selective binding of chlorobenzene on Si(111)-7×7Cao, Y.; Deng, J.F.; Xu, G.Q. 
1-Oct-2001Surface photovoltaic properties of sputtered Mo/Si multilayersLi, W. ; Gong, H. ; Cao, Y.; Du, H.
7-Apr-2008Synthesis and characterization of a water-soluble carboxylated polyfluorene and its fluorescence quenching by cationic quenchers and proteinsZhang, Y. ; Liu, B. ; Cao, Y.
22-Aug-2001Synthesis and characterization of novel fluorene-thiophene-based conjugated copolymersLiu, B. ; Yu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Huang, W. ; Niu, Y.-H.; Cao, Y.
23-Aug-2005Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of copolymers based on fluorene and 2,5-Di(2-hexyloxyphenyl)thiazolothiazolePeng, Q. ; Peng, J.-B.; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Cao, Y.
24-Jul-2006Synthesis, photophysics, and electroluminescence of poly(dibenzofluorene)sWang, W.-Z.; Zhu, R.; Fan, Q.-L.; Xu, H.; Hou, L.-T.; Cao, Y.; Huang, W. 
13-Apr-2001The binding of benzene on Si(1 1 1)- (7×7) : a theoretical modelling approachWang, Z.H.; Cao, Y.; Xu, G.Q. 
Apr-2014Using ultra-high molecular weight hydrophilic polymer as cathode interlayer for inverted polymer solar cells: Enhanced efficiency and excellent air-stabilityCai, P.; Zhong, S.; Xu, X.; Chen, J.; Chen, W. ; Huang, F.; Ma, Y.; Cao, Y.