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2000Evidence for genetic factors in the development and progression of IgA nephropathyHsu, S.I.-H. ; Ramirez, S.B.; Winn, M.P.; Bonventre, J.V.; Owen, W.F.
2009Identification of PP2A as a novel interactor and regulator of TRIP-Br1Zang, Z.J.; Gunaratnam, L.; Cheong, J.K.; Hsiao, L.-L.; O'Leary, E.; Sun, X.; Bonventre, J.V.; Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Lai, L.Y.
2004The CtBP2 co-repressor is regulated by NADH-dependent dimerization and possesses a novel N-terminal repression domainThio, S.S.C. ; Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Bonventre, J.V.
Nov-2005Towards the application of proteomics in renal disease diagnosisVidal Jr., B.C.; Bonventre, J.V.; I-Hong Hsu, S. 
2004TRIP-Br links E2F to novel functions in the regulation of cyclin E expression during cell cycle progression and in the maintenance of genomic stabilitySim, K.G. ; Zang, Z. ; Yang, C.M. ; Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Bonventre, J.V.
2009TRIP-Br2 promotes oncogenesis in nude mice and is frequently overexpressed in multiple human tumorsCheong, J.K. ; Gunaratnam, L.; Zang, Z.J.; Sun, X.; Nasr, S.L.; Bonventre, J.V.; Hsu, S.I. ; Yang, C.M. ; Sim, K.G. ; Peh, B.K. ; Rashid, S.B.A.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2001TRIP-Br: A novel family of PHD zinc finger- and bromodomain-interacting proteins that regulate the transcriptional activity of E2F-1/DP-1Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Hentschel, D.M.; O'leary, E.; Bonventre, J.V.; Yang, C.M.; Sim, K.G.; |Bonventre, J.V.