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18-Jun-2019A foodscape geo-narrative in an unplanned settlement in Bangalore, India: spatial visualization of in/formal spaces and habitsJessica Ann Diehl 
18-Dec-2017Access in the Food Environment: A Health Equity Approach Reveals Unequal OpportunityJessica Ann Diehl ; Heard, Debbi; Lockhart, Steven; Main, Deborah S
15-Dec-2018Active learning in a participatory design studio: Enabling students to reach out to communitiesJessica Ann Diehl 
1-Dec-2017Associations of Adolescent Weight Status and Meeting National Obesity-Related RecommendationsCook, Jessica A ; McCormick, Emily V; Mickiewicz, Theresa E; Davidson, Arthur J; Main, Deborah S
29-May-2015Describing Neighborhood Food Access from a Health Equity Lens: Insights from the Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart StudyJessica Ann Diehl ; Guenther, Debbi; Lockhart, Stephen; Main, Deborah
1-Mar-2014Design Quality Preferences for Walking in Youth in a Rural SettingCook, J ; Bose, M; Main, DS
1-Mar-2019Household Food Consumption Patterns and Food Security among Low-Income Migrant Urban Farmers in Delhi, Jakarta, and QuitoDiehl, Jessica Ann ; Oviatt, Kate; Chandra, Amanda Jennifer; Kaur, Harpreet
1-Dec-2013How does design quality add to our understanding of walkable communities?Cook, JA ; Bose, M; Marshall, WE; Main, DS
18-Jun-2019Mapping social networks of urban farmers: A comparison of four case cities in developing versus developed countries in Asia/AustraliaJessica Ann Diehl ; Sia, Ching Sian; Chandra, Amanda Jennifer; Kaur, Harpreet
1-Jun-2015Re-conceptualizing urban agriculture: an exploration of farming along the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi, IndiaCook, Jessica ; Oviatt, Kate; Main, Deborah S; Kaur, Harpreet; Brett, John
1-Jun-2012Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart: Exploring Environmental and Social Barriers to Healthy EatingJessica Ann Diehl ; Guenther, Deborah; ROSS ERIC LEVINE ; Lockhart, Stephen; Main, Deborah
14-Jun-2018Tradition goes high tech: South and Southeast Asia’s emerging urban farm entrepreneurs.Jessica Ann Diehl ; Sia Ching Sian