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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Direct observation of the nanoscale Kirkendall effect during galvanic replacement reactionsChee, S.W ; Tan, S.F ; Baraissov, Z ; Bosman, M ; Mirsaidov, U 
22-Nov-2019Dual phases of crystalline and electronic structures in the nanocrystalline perovskite CsPbBr3Whitcher, T. J. ; Gomes, L. C. ; Zhao, D.; Bosman, M. ; Chi, X. ; Wang Y.; Carvalho, A. ; Hui, H. K.; Chang, Q.; Breese, M. B. H. ; Castro Neto A. H. ; Wee, A. T. S. ; Sun, H. D.; Chia, E. E. M.; Rusydi, A. 
2018In Situ Kinetic and Thermodynamic Growth Control of Au−Pd Core− Shell NanoparticlesTAN SHU FEN ; GEETA BISHT ; UTKARSH ANAND ; MICHEL BOSMAN ; Xin Ee Yong; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
2017Intrinsic Resistance Switching in Amorphous Silicon Suboxides: The Role of Columnar MicrostructureMunde, M.S; Mehonic, A; Ng, W.H; Buckwell, M; Montesi, L; Bosman, M ; Shluger, A.L; Kenyon, A.J
2016Nanoscale Transformations in Metastable, Amorphous, Silicon-Rich SilicaMehonic, A; Buckwell, M; Montesi, L; Munde, M.S; Gao, D; Hudziak, S; Chater, R.J; Fearn, S; McPhail, D; Bosman, M ; Shluger, A.L; Kenyon, A.J
1-Nov-2013Silicon surface passivation by aluminium oxide studied with electron energy loss spectroscopyHoex, Bram ; Bosman, Michel ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Kessels, WMM
2015Stabilization of 4H hexagonal phase in gold nanoribbonsFan, Z; Bosman, M ; Huang, X; Huang, D; Yu, Y; Ong, K.P; Akimov, Y.A; Wu, L; Li, B; Wu, J; Huang, Y; Liu, Q; Eng Png, C; Lip Gan, C; Yang, P; Zhang, H