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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Beyond the coral triangle: High genetic diversity and near panmixia in Singapore’s populations of the broadcast spawning sea star Protoreaster nodosusTay Y.C. ; Chng M.W.P.; Sew W.W.G.; Rheindt F.E. ; Tun K.P.P.; Meier R. 
2018Combined impacts of deforestation and wildlife trade on tropical biodiversity are severely underestimatedSymes, W.S; Edwards, D.P; Miettinen, J ; Rheindt, F.E ; Carrasco, L.R 
2011Conflict between genetic and phenotypic differentiation: The evolutionary history of a 'lost and rediscovered' shorebirdRheindt F.E. ; Székely T.; Edwards S.V.; Lee P.L.M.; Burke T.; Kennerley P.R.; Bakewell D.N.; Alrashidi M.; Kosztolányi A.; Weston M.A.; Liu W.-T.; Lei W.-P.; Shigeta Y.; Javed S.; Zefania S.; Küpper C.
25-Jun-2019Cryptic diversity in Cyornis (Aves: Muscicapidae) jungle-flycatchers flagged by simple bioacoustic approachesGwee, Chyi Yin ; Eaton, James A; Garg, Kritika M ; Alstrom, Per; Van Balen, Sebastianus Bas; Hutchinson, Robert O; Prawiradilaga, Dewi M; Le, Manh Hung; Rheindt, Frank E 
28-Aug-2018Data from: Human activities and landscape features interact to closely define the distribution and dispersal of an urban commensal.Tang, Qian ; Low, Gabriel Weijie ; Lim, Jia Ying; Gwee, Chyi Yin ; Rheindt, Frank E. 
2015DNA reveals long-distance partial migratory behavior in a cryptic owl lineageSadanandan K.R. ; Tan D.J.X. ; Schjølberg K.; Round P.D.; Rheindt F.E. 
1-Jan-2019Evidence of genetic connectivity between fragmented pig populations in a tropical urban city-stateKoh, Joshua J-M; RHEINDT, FRANK ERWIN ; NG YING XIN, ELIZE ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
2017Gene flow during glacial habitat shifts facilitates character displacement in a Neotropical flycatcher radiationChattopadhyay, B ; Garg, K.M ; Gwee, C.Y ; Edwards, S.V; Rheindt, F.E 
2016Genome-wide data reveal cryptic diversity and genetic introgression in an Oriental cynopterine fruit bat radiationChattopadhyay B. ; Garg K.M. ; Kumar A.K.V.; Doss D.P.S.; Rheindt F.E. ; Kandula S.; Ramakrishnan U.
2008Habitat shifts in the evolutionary history of a Neotropical flycatcher lineage from forest and open landscapesRheindt F.E. ; Christidis L.; Norman J.A.
2018Human activities and landscape features interact to closely define the distribution and dispersal of an urban commensalTang, Q ; Low, G.W ; Lim, J.Y; Gwee, C.Y ; Rheindt, F.E 
Dec-2018New records and range extensions of birds from Timor, Alor and RoteAshari, Hidayat; Prawiradilaga, Dewi M; Eaton, James A; Suparno, Suparno; Rheindt, Frank E 
12-Dec-2018Notes on the taxonomy of Cream-throated White-eye Zosterops atriceps and the biogeography of the Northern MoluccasRheindt, Frank Erwin ; Eaton, James A
2018Novel genome and genome-wide SNPs reveal early fragmentation effects in an edge-tolerant songbird population across an urbanized tropical metropolisTan D.J.X. ; Chattopadhyay B. ; Garg K.M. ; Cros E. ; Ericson P.G.P.; Irestedt M.; Rheindt F.E. 
2016Population genetics of the olive-winged bulbul (Pycnonotus plumosus) in a tropical urban-fragmented landscapeTang, G.S.Y; Sadanandan, K.R ; Rheindt, F.E 
17-Dec-2019ResDisMapper: An r package for fine-scale mapping of resistance to dispersalTang Q. ; Fung T.; Rheindt F.E. 
2016Species delimitation in the White-faced Cuckoo-dove (Turacoena manadensis) based on bioacoustic dataNg N.S.R.; Rheindt F.E. 
2018Taxonomy based on science is necessary for global conservationThomson, S.A.; Pyle, R.L.; Ahyong, S.T.; Alonso-Zarazaga, M.; Ammirati, J.; Araya, J.F.; Ascher J.S. ; Audisio, T.L.; Azevedo-Santos, V.M.; Bailly, N.; Baker, W.J.; Balke, M.; Barclay, M.V.L.; Barrett, R.L.; Benine, R.C.; Bickerstaff, J.R.M.; Bouchard, P.; Bour, R.; Bourgoin, T.; Boyko, C.B.; Breure, A.S.H.; Brothers, D.J.; Byng, J.W.; Campbell, D.; Ceríaco, L.M.P.; Cernák, I.; Cerretti, P.; Chang, C.-H.; Cho, S.; Copus, J.M.; Costello, M.J.; Cseh, A.; Csuzdi, C.; Culham, A.; D’Elía, G.; d’Udekem d’Acoz, C.; Daneliya, M.E.; Dekker, R.; Dickinson, E.C.; Dickinson, T.A.; van Dijk, P.P.; Dijkstra, K.-D.B.; Dima, B.; Dmitriev, D.A.; Duistermaat, L.; Dumbacher, J.P.; Eiserhardt, W.L.; Ekrem, T.; Evenhuis, N.L.; Faille, A.; Fernández-Triana, J.L.; Fiesler, E.; Fishbein, M.; Fordham, B.G.; Freitas, A.V.L.; Friol, N.R.; Fritz, U.; Frøslev, T.; Funk, V.A.; Gaimari, S.D.; Garbino, G.S.T.; Garraffoni, A.R.S.; Geml, J.; Gill, A.C.; Gray, A.; Grazziotin, F.G.; Greenslade, P.; Gutiérrez, E.E.; Harvey, M.S.; Hazevoet, C.J.; He, K.; He, X.; Helfer, S.; Helgen, K.M.; van Heteren, A.H.; Hita Garcia, F.; Holstein, N.; Horváth, M.K.; Hovenkamp, P.H.; Hwang W.S. ; Hyvönen, J.; Islam, M.B.; Iverson, J.B.; Ivie, M.A.; Jaafar Z. ; Jackson, M.D.; Jayat, J.P.; Johnson, N.F.; Kaiser, H.; Klitgård, B.B.; Knapp, D.G.; Kojima, J.-I.; Kõljalg, U.; Kontschán, J.; Krell, F.-T.; Krisai-Greilhuber, I.; Kullander, S.; Latella, L.; Lattke, J.E.; Lencioni, V.; Lewis, G.P.; Lhano, M.G.; Lujan, N.K.; Luksenburg, J.A.; Mariaux, J.; Marinho-Filho, J.; Marshall, C.J.; Mate, J.F.; McDonough, M.M.; Michel, E.; Miranda, V.F.O.; Mitroiu, M.-D.; Molinari, J.; Monks, S.; Moore, A.J.; Moratelli, R.; Murányi, D.; Nakano, T.; Nikolaeva, S.; Noyes, J.; Ohl, M.; Oleas, N.H.; Orrell, T.; Páll-Gergely, B.; Pape, T.; Papp, V.; Parenti, L.R.; Patterson, D.; Pavlinov, I.Y.; Pine, R.H.; Poczai, P.; Prado, J.; Prathapan, D.; Rabeler, R.K.; Randall, J.E.; Rheindt F.E. ; Rhodin, A.G.J.; Rodríguez, S.M.; Rogers, D.C.; Roque, F.D.O.; Rowe, K.C.; Ruedas, L.A.; Salazar-Bravo, J.; Salvador, R.B.; Sangster, G.; Sarmiento, C.E.; Schigel, D.S.; Schmidt, S.; Schueler, F.W.; Segers, H.; Snow, N.; Souza-Dias, P.G.B.; Stals, R.; Stenroos, S.; Stone, R.D.; Sturm, C.F.; Štys, P.; Teta, P.; Thomas, D.C.; Timm, R.M.; Tindall, B.J.; Todd, J.A.; Triebel, D.; Valdecasas, A.G.; Vizzini, A.; Vorontsova, M.S.; de Vos, J.M.; Wagner, P.; Watling, L.; Weakley, A.; Welter-Schultes, F.; Whitmore, D.; Wilding, N.; Will, K.; Williams, J.; Wilson, K.; Winston, J.E.; Wüster, W.; Yanega, D.; Yeates, D.K.; Zaher, H.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, Z.-Q.; Zhou, H.-Z.
2017Two new genera of songbirds represent endemic radiations from the Shola Sky Islands of the Western Ghats, IndiaRobin, V.V; Vishnudas, C.K; Gupta, P; Rheindt, F.E ; Hooper, D.M; Ramakrishnan, U; Reddy, S