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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: An analysis of early versus delayed cholecystectomy and predictive factors for conversionGoh J.C.; Tan J.K.; Lim J.W.; Shridhar I.G. ; Madhavan K. ; Kow A.W. 
1-Aug-2017Liver lesions detected in a hepatitis B core total antibody-positive patient masquerading as hepatocellular carcinoma: a rare case of peliosis hepatis and a review of the literatureTan CHN; Soon GST; Kow WCA. 
1-Feb-2017Minimally Invasive Whipple's Technique for Laparoscopic-Assisted Pylorus-Preserving PancreaticoduodenectomyKoh F.H.-X.; Kow A.W. 
4-Dec-2017Paracaecal hernia: Uncommon but important cause of small bowel obstruction successfully managed with laparoscopic surgeryChia D.K.A.; Tay K.V.; Kow A. ; So J. ; Shabbir A. ; Kim G.
1-May-2017Patient safety in surgical education (PASSED): A pilot study using ipad game to teach patient safety in undergraduate medical curriculumKow A.W.C. ; Ang S.B.L.; Chong C.S. ; Tan W.B. ; Kumar M.R.
28-Sep-2017Pedicled omental patch as a bridging procedure for iatrogenic bile duct injuryNg J.J.; Kow A.W.C. 
2017Predictors of Non-adherence to Immunosuppressive Therapy in Asian Liver Transplant RecipientsHartono J.L.; Koh T.; Lee G.H.; Tan P.S.; Muthiah M.; Aw M.M.; Madhavan K. ; Kow A. ; Lim K.B.L.
1-Oct-2017Role of Coronary Angiography in Pre–Liver Transplantation Cardiac Evaluation: Experience From an Asian Transplant InstitutionPang N.Q.; Kow W.C.A. ; Law J.H.; Pan L.T.T.; Lim B.L.K.; Wong C.C.R.; Chang K.Y.S.; Ganpathi I.S. ; Krishnakumar Madhavan 
1-Jan-2017Same admission laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: is the "golden 72 hours" rule still relevant?Tan J.K.H.; Goh J.C.I.; Lim J.W.L.; Shridhar I.G. ; Madhavan K. ; Kow A.W.C.