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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Reversible choreoathetosis in primary cerebral lymphoma: Clinicoradiologic correlationTan E.K. ; Chan L.L. ; Auchus A.P.; Wong M.C. 
2016Revisiting the link between hypertension and hemifacial spasmLeong J.-L.; Li H.-H. ; Chan L.-L. ; Tan E.-K. 
2005Sensory tricks and treatment in primary lingual dystonia [2]Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
2004Severe bruxism following basal ganglia infarcts: Insights into pathophysiologyTan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. ; Chang H.-M. 
2008Spectrum of anxiety symptoms in hyperkinesiasTan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
2016Susceptibility-weighted MRI of extrapyramidal brain structures in Parkinsonian disordersSchneider E. ; Ng K.-M.; Yeoh C.-S.; Rumpel H. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Li H.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
2003Transient paroxysmal dyskinesia associated with focal basal ganglia lesionsSee S.-J. ; Chan L.-L. ; Tan E.-K. 
2007Unexpected cause of anxiety and parkinsonism [4]Tan E.-K. ; Thomas J. ; Chan L.-L. 
2016Vascular tortuosity in relationship with hypertension and posterior fossa volume in hemifacial spasmEdmond E.C.; Sim S.-L.; Li H.-H. ; Tan E.-K. ; Chan L.-L. 
2005Ventrolateral medullary compression in hypertensive patients with hemifacial spasmChan L.L. ; Lo Y.L. ; Lee E.; Fook-Chong S. ; Tan E.K. 
2016White matter microstructural characteristics in newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease: An unbiased whole-brain studyWen M.-C. ; Heng H.S.E.; Ng S.Y.E.; Tan L.C.S. ; Chan L.L. ; Tan E.K. 
2006Young onset hemifacial spasmTan E.K. ; Chan L.-L. 
2008Zolpidem and its effects on hypoxic encephalopathyLo Y.L. ; Tan E.K. ; Ratnagopal P. ; Chan L.L. ; Tan T.E.