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2016Active control of electromagnetically induced transparency with dual dark mode excitation pathways using MEMS based tri-atomic metamoleculesPitchappa, Prakash ; Manjappa, Manukumara; Ho, Chong Pei ; Singh, Ranjan; Singh, Navab; Lee, Chengkuo 
2016Active control of near-field coupling in conductively coupled microelectromechanical system metamaterial devicesPitchappa, Prakash ; Manjappa, Manukumara; Ho, Chong Pei ; Qian, You ; Singh, Ranjan; Singh, Navab; Lee, Chengkuo 
2018Active Control of Resonant Cloaking in a Terahertz MEMS MetamaterialManjappa, M; Pitchappa, P ; Wang, N; Lee, C ; Singh, R
2017Active MEMS metamaterials for THz bandwidth controlShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Manjappa, Manukumara; Ho, Chong Pei ; Singh, Ranjan; Yang, Bin ; Singh, Navab; Lee, Chengkuo 
27-Jan-2019Chalcogenide Phase Change Material for Active Terahertz PhotonicsPitchappa, Prakash ; Kumar, Abhishek ; Prakash, Saurav ; Jani, Hariom ; Venkatesan, Thirumalai ; Singh, Ranjan
2017High Temperature Coupling of IR Inactive CC Mode in Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Metamaterial StructureHasan, D ; Pitchappa, P ; Pei Ho, C ; Lee, C 
2015Microelectromechanically tunable multiband metamaterial with preserved isotropyPitchappa, P ; Ho, C.P ; Qian, Y ; Dhakar, L ; Singh, N; Lee, C 
14-Jan-2017Microfluidic metamaterial sensor: Selective trapping and remote sensing of microparticlesShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Manjappa, Manukumara; Ho, Chong Pei ; Singh, Ranjan; Lee, Chengkuo:rp00168 
2018Nanofluidic terahertz metasensor for sensing in aqueous environmentShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Jin, Lin ; Chen, Chia-Hung ; Singh, Ranjan; Lee, Chengkuo 
2017Novel CMOS-Compatible Mo-AlN-Mo Platform for Metamaterial-Based Mid-IR AbsorberHasan, D ; Pitchappa, P ; Wang, J ; Wang, T ; Yang, B; Ho, CP ; Lee, C 
2016Polarization controllable multispectral symmetry-breaking absorber in mid-infraredChen, Nan ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Ho, Chong Pei ; Hasan, Dihan ; Kropelnicki, Piotr; Alioto, Massimo ; Lee, Chengkuo 
2018Reconfigurable MEMS Fano metasurfaces with multiple-input–output states for logic operations at terahertz frequenciesManjappa, M; Pitchappa, P ; Singh, N; Wang, N; Zheludev, N.I; Lee, C ; Singh, R
2016Thermoplasmonic Study of a Triple Band Optical Nanoantenna Strongly Coupled to Mid IR Molecular ModeHasan, D ; Ho, C.P ; Pitchappa, P ; Yang, B; Yang, C; Lee, C 
22-Feb-2021Volatile Ultrafast Switching at Multilevel Nonvolatile States of Phase Change Material for Active Flexible Terahertz MetadevicesPrakash Pitchappa ; Abhishek Kumar; Saurav Prakash ; Hariom Jani ; Rohit Medwal; Mayank Mishra; Rajdeep Singh Rawat; Thirumalai Venkatesan:rp04303 ; Nan Wang; Ranjan Singh