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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW 2013) in Singapore: Introduction to the systems biology contributions.Eisenhaber F. ; Sung W.K. ; Wong L. 
2009Mapping the sequence mutations of the 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus neuraminidase relative to drug and antibody binding sitesMaurer-Stroh, S ; Ma, J; Lee, R.T.C; Sirota, F.L; Eisenhaber, F 
2011Not all transmembrane helices are born equal: Towards the extension of the sequence homology concept to membrane proteinsWong, W.-C; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Eisenhaber, F 
2014Novel SNP improves differential survivability and mortality in non-small cell lung cancer patientsMah, T.L; Yap, X.N.A; Limviphuvadh, V; Li, N; Sridharan, S; Kuralmani, V; Feng, M ; Liem, N; Adhikari, S; Yong, W.P ; Soo, R.A ; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Eisenhaber, F ; Tong, J.C 
2014On the necessity of dissecting sequence similarity scores into segment-specific contributions for inferring protein homology, function prediction and annotationWong, W.-C; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Eisenhaber, B; Eisenhaber, F 
2010Parameterization of disorder predictors for large-scale applications requiring high specificity by using an extended benchmark datasetSirota, F.L; Ooi, H.-S; Gattermayer, T; Schneider, G; Eisenhaber, F ; Maurer-Stroh, S 
2014Potential human adaptation mutation of influenza A(H5N1) virus, CanadaMaurer-Stroh, S ; Li, Y; Bastien, N; Gunalan, V; Lee, R.T.C; Eisenhaber, F ; Booth, T.F
2010Similarity of molecular phenotype between known epilepsy gene LGI1 and disease candidate gene LGI2Limviphuvadh, V; Chua, L.L; Rahim, R.A.B; Eisenhaber, F ; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Adhikari, S.
2013The highly pathogenic H7N3 avian influenza strain from July 2012 in Mexico acquired an extended cleavage site through recombination with host 28S rRNAMaurer-Stroh, S ; Lee, R.T; Gunalan, V; Eisenhaber, F