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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Dehydration of alcohols by pervaporation through polyimide Matrimid® asymmetric hollow fibers with various modificationsJiang, L.Y. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
5-Jan-2007Dehydration of tetrafluoropropanol (TFP) by pervaporation via novel PBI/BTDA-TDI/MDI co-polyimide (P84) dual-layer hollow fiber membranesWang, K.Y. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
2011Development of three-dimensional tumor models for the study of anti-cancer drug effectsSun, W.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Lim, C.T. 
Jan-2007Dual-layer hollow carbon fiber membranes for gas separation consisting of carbon and mixed matrix layersJiang, L.Y. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
Feb-2012Dynamic and structural changes in the minimally restructuring EcoRI bound to a minimally mutated DNA chainRamakrishnan, V.; Jagannathan, S.; Shaikh, A.R.; Rajagopalan, R. 
21-Sep-2012Dynamics and thermodynamics of water around EcoRI bound to a minimally mutated DNA chainRamakrishnan, V.; Rajagopalan, R. 
12-Mar-2012Early stiffening and softening of collagen: Interplay of deformation mechanisms in biopolymer networksKurniawan, N.A.; Wong, L.H.; Rajagopalan, R. 
2008Effect of membrane structure on the performance of nanofiltration hollow fiber membrane used in forward osmosisWang, K.Y. ; Yang, Q. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
Mar-2011Effects of arginine on heat-induced aggregation of concentrated protein solutionsShah, D.; Shaikh, A.R.; Peng, X.; Rajagopalan, R. 
Sep-2007Effects of macromolecular crowding on biochemical reaction equilibria: Amolecular thermodynamic perspectiveHu, Z.; Jiang, J. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
14-Feb-2011Effects of polydisperse crowders on aggregation reactions: A molecular thermodynamic analysisShah, D.; Tan, A.L.; Ramakrishnan, V.; Jiang, J. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
1-Apr-2009Enhanced forward osmosis from chemically modified polybenzimidazole (PBI) nanofiltration hollow fiber membranes with a thin wallWang, K.Y. ; Yang, Q. ; Chung, T.-S. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
7-Apr-2011First-principle prediction of crystal habits in mixed solvents: α-glycine in methanol/water mixturesGnanasambandam, S.; Enemark, S.; Rajagopalan, R. 
22-Jan-2009Force field for molecular dynamics studies of glycine/water mixtures in crystal/solution environmentsGnanasambandam, S.; Hu, Z.; Jiang, J. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
Jun-2010Growth morphology of α-glycine crystals in solution environments: An extended interface structure analysisGnanasambandam, S.; Rajagopalan, R. 
Jan-2007Guidelines for potentiomeric measurements in suspensions part B. Guidelines for practical pH measurements in soil suspension: IUPAC recommendations 2006Oman, S.F.; Camões, M.F.; Powell, K.J.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Spitzer, P.
Jan-2007Guidelines for potentiometric measurements in suspensions part A. The suspension effect: IUPAC technical reportOman, S.F.; Camões, M.F.; Powell, K.J.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Spitzer, P.
7-Aug-2010Image correlation spectroscopy as a tool for microrheology of soft materialsKurniawan, N.A.; Lim, C.T. ; Rajagopalan, R. 
12-Jul-2010Inwards buildup of concentric polymer layers: A method for biomolecule encapsulation and microcapsule encodingBai, J.; Beyer, S.; Mak, W.C.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Trau, D. 
23-Dec-2008Macromolecular crowding in vitro as means of emulating cellular interiors: When less might be moreHarve, K.S. ; Vigneshwar, R.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Raghunath, M.