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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Closure of "Laboratory study of liquefaction due to wave-seabed interaction" by B. Chowdhury, G. R. Dasari, and T. NogamiChowdhury, B.; Dasari, G.R. ; Nogami, T. 
Nov-2004Contribution of fines to the compressive strength of mixed soilsNi, Q. ; Tan, T.S. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Hight, D.W.
Jul-2005Effects of 3D discrete soil nail inclusion on pull-out, with implications for designTan, S.A. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Lee, C.H.
Jun-2006Equivalent granular void ratio for characterization of Singapore's Old AlluviumNi, Q. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Tan, T.S. 
Jun-2005Experimental study of the behavior of a lumpy fill of soft clayRobinson, R.G. ; Tan, T.S. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Leung, C.F. ; Vijayakumar, A.
Jul-2007Finite element analysis of tunnel-soil-pile interaction using displacement controlled modelCheng, C.Y.; Dasari, G.R. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Leung, C.F. 
Apr-2004In situ characterization of land reclaimed using big clay lumpsKarthikeyan, M. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Tan, T.-S. 
Jan-2006In situ evaluation of radioisotope cone penetrometers in claysDasari, G.R. ; Karthikeyan, M. ; Tan, T.-S. ; Mimura, M.; Phoon, K.-K. 
Jul-2006Laboratory study of liquefaction due to wave-seabed interactionChoudhury, B.; Dasari, G.R. ; Nogami, T. 
Feb-2004Three-dimensional swelling of clay lumpsRobinson, R.G. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Tan, T.S.