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1-Jul-2013A simple strategy for heritable chromosomal deletions in zebrafish via the combinatorial action of targeting nucleasesLim, S.; Wang, Y.; Yu, X.; Huang, Y.; Featherstone, M.S.; Sampath, K. 
Jul-2003A temperature-sensitive mutation in the nodal-related gene cyclops reveals that the floor plate is induced during gastrulation in zebrafishTian, J.; Yam, C.; Balasundaram, G.; Wang, H.; Gore, A.; Sampath, K. 
May-2010Alternative splicing of SMADs in differentiation and tissue homeostasisTao, S.; Sampath, K. 
10-Sep-2013An essential role for maternal control of Nodal signalingKumari, P.; Gilligan, P.C.; Lim, S.; Tran, L.D.; Winkler, S.; Philp, R.; Sampath, K. 
Apr-2011Conservation defines functional motifs in the squint/nodal-related 1 RNA dorsal localization elementGilligan, P.C.; Kumari, P.; Lim, S.; Cheong, A.; Chang, A.; Sampath, K. 
15-Aug-2012Dorsal activity of maternal squint is mediated by a noncoding function of the RNALim, S.; Kumari, P.; Gilligan, P.; Quach, H.N.B.; Mathavan, S.; Sampath, K. 
1-Oct-2012Dynamic microtubules at the vegetal cortex predict the embryonic axis in zebrafishTran, L.D.; Hino, H.; Quach, H.; Lim, S.; Shindo, A.; Mimori-Kiyosue, Y.; Mione, M.; Ueno, N.; Winkler, C. ; Hibi, M.; Sampath, K. 
8-Nov-2007Gore et al. replyGore, A.V.; Cheong, A.; Gilligan, P.C.; Sampath, K. 
10-Sep-1998Induction of the zebrafish ventral brain and floorplate requires cyclops/nodal signallingSampath, K. ; Rubinstein, A.L.; Cheng, A.M.S.; Liang, J.O.; Fekany, K.; Solnica-Krezel, L.; Korzh, V. ; Halpern, M.E.; Wright, C.V.E.
1-Sep-2008Morphing morphogenesisBruce, A.E.E.; Sampath, K. 
Jan-2008Reining in RNA. Workshop on Intracellular RNA Localization and Localized TranslationGilligan, P.C.; Sampath, K. 
15-Aug-2009The integrator subunits function in hematopoiesis by modulating Smad/BMP signalingTao, S.; Cai, Y. ; Sampath, K. 
Aug-2008The pro-domain of the zebrafish Nodal-related protein cyclops regulates its signaling activitiesTian, J.; Andrée, B.; Jones, C.M.; Sampath, K. 
15-Dec-2005The zebrafish dorsal axis is apparent at the four-cell stageGore, A.V.; Maegawa, S.; Cheong, A.; Gilligan, P.C.; Weinberg, E.S.; Sampath, K. 
May-2007Wiring the nervous system: From form to functionMatsuzaki, F.; Sampath, K. 
15-Apr-2006Zebrafish Staufen1 and Staufen2 are required for the survival and migration of primordial germ cellsRamasamy, S.; Wang, H.; Quach, H.N.B.; Sampath, K.