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2008Assumptions of Cross-Level Measurement and Structural Invariance in the Analysis of Multilevel Data: Problems and SolutionsZyphur, M.J. ; Kaplan, S.A.; Christian, M.S.
2008Conducting multilevel analyses in medical educationZyphur, M.J. ; Kaplan, S.A.; Islam, G.; Barsky, A.P.; Franklin, M.S.
2008Job Performance Over Time Is a Function of Latent Trajectories and Previous PerformanceZyphur, M.J. ; Chaturvedi, S.; Arvey, R.D. 
2007Self-regulation and performance in high-fidelity simulations: An extension of ego-depletion researchZyphur, M.J. ; Warren, C.R.; Landis, R.S.; Thoresen, C.J.
2007Testing 1, 2, 3, ...4? The personality of repeat SAT test takers and their testing outcomesZyphur, M.J. ; Islam, G.; Landis, R.S.
2008The effects of cognitive ability and conscientiousness on performance over time: A censored latent growth modelZyphur, M.J. ; Bradley, J.C.; Landis, R.S.; Thoresen, C.J.
2006The sweetest dreams that labor knows: Robert Frost and the poetics of workIslam, G.; Zyphur, M.J. 
2007Ways of interacting: The standardization of communication in medical trainingIslam, G.; Zyphur, M. 
2011When does Ethical Code Enforcement Matter in the Inter-Organizational Context? The Moderating Role of Switching CostsColwell, S.R.; Zyphur, M.J. ; Schminke, M.
2007When supplier ethical policies matter to a buyer (Or don't): The moderating role of switching costColwell, S.R.; Zyphur, M.J.