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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Revisiting media choice: A behavioral decision-making perspectiveBok, H.S.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Raman, K.S.; Sambamurthy, V.
2006Senior citizens' acceptance of information systems: A study in the context of e-Government servicesPhang, C.W. ; Sutanto, J. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Li, Y. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Teo, H.-H. 
2009Studying users' computer security behavior: A health belief perspectiveNg, B.-Y. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Xu, Y.(C.) 
2010Task and social information seeking: Whom do we prefer and whom do we approach?Xu, Y.; Kim, H.-W.; Kankanhalli, A. 
2007The dynamics of sustainability of electronic knowledge repositoriesDutta, A.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Roy, R.
2010The impact of individual centrality and helping on knowledge sharing: A study of fitHo, Z.W.; Ting-Ting, K.C.; Kankanhalli, A. 
2010The impact of institutional influences on perceived technological characteristics and real options in cloud computing adoptionSaya, S.; Pee, L.G.; Kankanhalli, A. 
2003The role of it in successful management initiativesKankanhalli, A. ; Tanudidjaja, F.; Sutanto, J. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2008Turnover in information systems development projects - Managing forgettingTham, Z.-C.G.; Pee, L.G. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Tan, G.W. 
2005Understanding seeking from electronic knowledge repositories: An empirical studyKankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. 
2008Understanding the drivers, enablers, and performance of knowledge management in public organizationsPee, L.G. ; Kankanhalli, A. 
2009Usability and sociability in online communities: A comparative study of knowledge seeking and contributionPhang, C.W.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Sabherwal, R.
2011Use of healthcare IS by multiple user groups: An empirical study of a medication management systemNg, B.-Y. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Yip, J.W.L.
2012What motivates people to purchase Digital Items on virtual community websites? The desire for online self-presentationKim, H.-W.; Chan, H.C. ; Kankanhalli, A. 
2010Why do they return help? Examining the motives of reciprocity in online communitiesYe, H.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Feng, Y.
2012Workarounds in the use of IS in healthcare: A case study of an electronic medication administration systemYang, Z.; Ng, B.-Y. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Luen Yip, J.W.