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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1995Behavioural interventions in the control of human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted diseases--a review.Wong, M.L. 
1995Beliefs and attitudes as determinants of cervical cancer screening: A community-based study in SingaporeSeow, A. ; Wong, M.L. ; Smith, W.C.S.; Lee, H.P. 
Jul-2013Challenges of respondent driven sampling to assess sexual behaviour and estimate the prevalence of human immunodefi ciency virus (HIV) and syphilis in men who have sex with men (MSM) in SingaporeChua, A.C.; Chen, M.I.C. ; Cavailler, P.; Jiang, L.; Abdullah, M.R.; Ng, O.T.; Chio, M.; Koe, S.; Tay, J.; Wong, M.L. ; Chan, R.
2003Concerns over participation in genetic research among Malay-Muslims, Chinese and Indians in Singapore: A focus group studyWong, M.L. ; Chia, K.S. ; Wee, S.; Chia, S.E. ; Lee, J.; Koh, W.P. ; Shen, H.M. ; Thumboo, J. ; Sofjan, D.
1994Condom use negotiation among sex workers in Singapore: Findings from qualitative researchWong, M.L. ; Archibald, C. ; Chan, Roy K.W.; Goh, A.; Tan, T.C. ; Goh, C.L.
Dec-1996Controlled evaluation of a behavioural intervention programme on condom use and gonorrhoea incidence among sex workers in SingaporeWong, M.L. ; Chan, R.; Lee, J.; Koh, D.; Wong, C.
Oct-1999Correlates of leisure-time physical activity in an elderly population in SingaporeLian, W.M. ; Gan, G.L.; Pin, C.H.; Sharon, W.; Ye, H.C.
Oct-2010Creating new career pathways to reduce poverty, illiteracy and health risks, while transforming and empowering Cambodian women's livesLee, H.; Pollock, G.; Lubek, I.; Niemi, S.; O'Brien, K.; Green, M.; Bashir, S.; Braun, E.; Kros, S.; Huot, V.; Ma, V.; Griffiths, N.; Dickson, B.; Pring, N.; Sphkurst Huon-Ribeil, K.; Lim, N.; Turner, J.; Winkler, C.; Wong, M.L. ; Van Merode, T.; Dy, B.C.; Prem, S.; Idema, R.
2016Determinants of Heterosexual Adolescents Having Sex with Female Sex Workers in SingaporeNg J.Y.; Wong M.-L. 
Aug-2004Determinants of inconsistent condom use with female sex workers among men attending the STD clinic in SingaporeWee, S. ; Barrett, M.E.; Lian, W.M. ; Jayabaskar, T.; Chan, K.W.R.
Jun-2012Do parents talk to their adolescent children about sex?-findings from a community survey in SingaporeHu, Y.; Wong, M.L. ; Prema, V.; Wong, M.L.; Fong, N.P. ; Tsai, F.F.; Vijaya, K.
2002Effluents from a pulp and paper mill: A skin and health survey of children living in upstream and downstream villagesLee, J. ; Koh, D. ; Andijani, M.; Saw, S.M. ; Munoz, C.; Chia, S.E. ; Wong, M.L. ; Hong, C.Y. ; Ong, C.N. 
10-Apr-2019Estimating the size of key populations for HIV in Singapore using the network scale-up methodTeo, AKJ ; Prem, K ; Chen, MIC ; Roellin, A ; Wong, ML ; La, HH ; Cook, AR 
1994Evaluation of a safe-sex intervention programme among sex workers in SingaporeArchibald, C.P. ; Chan, R.K.W.; Wong, M.L. ; Goh, A. ; Goh, C.L.
2002Evidence-based health promotion: Applying it in practiceWong, M.L. 
2000Factors associated with condom use for oral sex among female brothel- based sex workers in SingaporeWong, M.L. ; Koh, D. ; Wee, S. ; Chan, R.K.W.
1992Factors associated with sexually transmitted diseases among prostitutes in SingaporeWong, M.L. ; Tan, T.C.; Ho, M.L.; Lim, J.Y.; Wan, S.; Chan, R. 
2008Framingham risk scores and anthropometric measurements in predicting cardiovascular risks among Malay menMoy, F.M.; Ab Sallam, A.; Wong, M.L. 
Mar-2013Gender differences in partner influences and barriers to condom use among heterosexual adolescents attending a public sexually transmitted infection clinic in singaporeWong, M.-L. ; Chan, R.K.W. ; Tan, H.H.; Sen, P.; Chio, M.; Koh, D. 
2013Gender differences in predictors of colorectal cancer screening uptake: A national cross sectional study based on the health belief modelWong, R.K.; Wong, M.L. ; Chan, Y.H.; Feng, Z.; Wai, C.T.; Yeoh, K.G.